Social Enterprise Through Sustainable Travel

Why G Adventures?

A social enterprise is a business that measures the social return on investment as a priority rather than just the company’s profits.

Sustainable Travel, in the simplest term, aims to create more positive impacts than negative impacts, so the destinations we enjoy can be secured for the future.

G Adventures’ business model is built on the inclusion of small businesses in developing countries and therefore, we are able to bring economic benefits to many emerging entrepreneurs and small enterprises, enabling more tourism dollars to stay in the community. So G Adventures puts a priority on positive social change. We sells tours to countries all over the world that utilize local services, contribute to local economies, and provide employment opportunities in underserved regions of the globe that rely heavily on tourism as their only economic import.

Let's face it. We travel to see and do, to experience the natural and cultural wonders of the world. If they are dirty, overcrowded, and polluted, no one will visit. So no one benefits. As a travel company that depends on the natural beauty and well being of local people and places, we must find ways to reduce our impacts to keep destinations healthy so they can thrive.

Our foundation:

Planeterra Foundation was founded by G Adventures in 2003 as a way to give back through travel. As G Adventures’ non-profit foundation, Planeterra taps into a global network of travellers to help us change the world. Working within G Adventures, we have created an integrated partnership – together we work as a social enterprise, investing in the futures of the people and the places we visit.

With a formal non-profit organization right inside G Adventures’ headquarters, it has enabled us to focus on areas we felt were important to contribute to, and also form close ties with communities, enabling us to connect small businesses, cooperatives, and even rural families, directly to our supply chain. G Adventures provides consistent market access through its travellers as a sustainable source of income for these local communities. Our travellers bring long term success to these projects, long after Planeterra’s initial investment is gone.

Working in over 15 countries globally, we provide the tools to empower local communities to harness the power of travel. We do this through: providing basic needs of health and education, building small businesses, conserving the environment, and in times of natural disasters – providing emergency relief.

G Adventures funds Planeterra by covering all administrative costs, so 100 % of donor funds go directly towards supporting the project. G Adventures also contributes $30,000 per year in matching funds made through individual donations online. Whether you take a trip with G Adventures, volunteer at one of Planetera’s projects, or invest in our projects worldwide – you are helping to make Planeterra’s work possible.

Planeterra’s mission is to support sustainable solutions in the places travellers love to visit.
Planeterra does this through G Adventures - building projects into tours.