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Paula Quiros has been with G Adventures since 2006, leading tours in Peru and greater South America. For nearly 8 years, she worked as a naturalist interpreter in the Peruvian and Ecuadorian Amazon, learning about the immense beauty and importance of the forests. Quiros has always been deeply concerned with the social and environmental education of the people in the areas she works and has volunteered on education projects in the Tambopata communities of the Amazon. She is a passionate and a lifelong ambassador of nature.

After finishing her studies in Lima, Peru, Quiros’s life was changed when she took part in a great, 700-kilometer walking expedition across northern Peru. The expedition was a unique literacy campaign led by a group of Peruvian writers. During the journey, the participants collected information and campaigned on the importance of literacy in Peruvian culture, making sure to leave books in every place they visited. The trip had a very strong impact on Paula, one that broadened her perspectives of her homeland and education.

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My Mission to Eliminate Water Bottles in Peru

My Mission to Eliminate Water Bottles in Peru

Paula Quiros March 19, 2012 3

This year water was definitely a full inspiration for me, the concern of many of my co-workers, and my unforgettable travellers who have also been crucial to changing the way we work. I am

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