Colours of Cuba

Casey Mead July 4, 2013 1
Colours of Cuba

One of the most striking things about travelling through Cuba is the array of colours you see around the country. From the brightly painted retro cars to the washing hanging from windows in bustling Havana, to the countryside with its vivid greens and yellows; every colour of the rainbow is represented. Here we work our way through a rainbow of photo highlights that make Cuba unforgettable in person and picture.


Red is for the Cuban flag, the red triangle standing for independence. The flag gained its status in 1902 and can be seen flying high all over Cuba. It is impossible to escape the political history of the nation.


Orange is for sunsets, some of the most dazzling you will see. Along the coasts, inland and even in Cuba’s capital, the sky lights up on a clear day treating travellers to some splendid sunset scenes.


Yellow is for Trinidad. This sunny city has yellow houses and buildings and even a beautiful yellow and green church. It’s no wonder there is singing and dancing in the square here, as the sunny disposition of the people is reflected by their surroundings.


Green is for palm trees. We’re in the Caribbean after all. It’s also for the lush vistas in Viñales captured here just before dusk.


Blue is the colour of the Caribbean Sea, so clear in places it seems flawless. In a country surrounded by coastline you’re not usually too far away from a spot to soak up the salty sea air.


Indigo is the shade of the morning sunrise as the dark turns to dawn. If you’ve not soaked up too many mojitos, an early-rise photo session reaps some serious sunrise rewards.


Violet is for cars. The classic cars of Cuba are a big part of its charm and violet is just one shade of the rainbow you’ll find they cruise in.

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