Food, Spices & Adventures Await in Morocco

Jodi Ettenberg March 5, 2012 1
Food, Spices & Adventures Await in Morocco

This post marks my first for G Adventures as part of their Wanderers in Residence programme, and in a few weeks I’ll be hopping on my first ever group tour. Other than smaller, short-term trips – climbing Salkantay to Macchu Picchu or a trip on the Galapagos – I’ve never went on a destination trip with a tour company. But when G Adventures put together its Wanderers in Residence programme, I was very excited to be a part of their push to educate people about travel and to see travel as a way of learning by doing, tasting and seeing.

That’s a big part of my philosophy as well, and I’m the first to say it doesn’t matter whether you go with a group tour, with a other travelers or alone; what matters is the desire to experience the world in a totally new way.  In joining WiR and helping demystify the process of travel and share my stories from the G Adventures trips, I hope to inspire others to travel and explore.

Spices from Morocco

Photo by Jodi Ettenberg

I’m from Montreal, and have long suggested G Adventures as an option for people who are excited to travel but worried about doing so alone, or don’t have time to deal with the logistics of planning a trip on their own. My cousin loved his trip in Southeast Asia, and even got a chance to come visit me for dinner when he was in Chiang Mai during his tour.  As part of the WiR programme, I’ll be joining a few G Adventures trips per year in a variety of places and writing about here and on my own site, Legal Nomads.

A bit of background about me: I’m a former lawyer who practiced law in New York for over 5 years before quitting my job to travel the world. I started out my website as a way to keep family, friends and colleagues involved in my trip, and it has organically morphed into a place for me to share not only photos and stories, but also general musings on politics, culture and street food. I started my trip with a one-way ticket to Chile and spent quite a bit of time in South America, then heading to South Africa, moving up to Russia and the trans-Siberian trains through Siberia and Mongolia, and arriving into China via Erlian at dawn.

Spicy eggplant dip

Spicy eggplant dip, Photo by Jodi Ettenberg

The trip into Asia was a defining one – I expected to spend a few months in the continent but after 2.5 years I still had more to explore. And eat. With emphasis on the “eating”.  In the process, I have also been shat on by 12 birds and one bat, which people love to attribute to luck but at this point I believe it’s a vendetta from the birds. I tweet mostly science and technology links but my site is a warehouse for all things lifestyle and travel, and I am looking forward to continuing those trains of thought here in on the G Adventures blog.

My first tour will be Highlights of Morocco (DHCM), a trip I have long wanted to take. I’ve got quite the obsession with food and spices, and back in 2001 I was living in the South of France, finishing my schooling there. I took a weekend jaunt to Marrakesh, and vowed to come back – the markets and sprawling, maze-like medinas were captivating. Ever since, I’ve deepened my knowledge of foods and spices, and have wanted to return to Morocco and continue my discovery.  Starting October 17, I’ll have a chance to do just that. I hope you’ll join along!

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    I am a 25 year old female, who has been ‘thinking’ (for about 3 years now), about quitting work and travelling the world. I believe I have enough money saved up at this point to pull the trigger, but the only thing holding me back now, is the concern of safety. How does safety as a young female factor in to where you travel? How do you determine where to travel with this in mind and have the confidence that you will be safe where you land? Thanks!


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