Foods from Morocco

Jodi Ettenberg March 7, 2012 2
Foods from Morocco

When people think about travel to Morocco, they often evoke images of colour and symmetry: the geometric architecture of the country’s many mosques, the metal studded doorways of winding medinas, the lines of leather slippers in busy markets.

But the cuisine of the country is customarily overlooked, or simply left at the most accessible and ubiquitous of dishes, the tagine. However, reality is that Moroccan food is complex and plentiful, ranging from salads to spiced meats to honey-drenched desserts.

This year marked the release of two cookbooks about Morocco, an updated “The Food of Morocco” and “New Morocco“, both of which were covered in the mainstream media.

As a result of a renewed interest in foods from Morocco and my own obsession with all things edible (not limited to Morocco of course – my food obsession is a good part of what fuels my travels), I wanted to round up some photos from my weeks eating around the country. 

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