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Nellie Huang August 22, 2013 2

Mojitos make me go weak in the knees, so do rum punch, margaritas, mai tai…



Who is Nellie?

I’m Nellie, a full-time traveler and one of G Adventures’ Wanderers in Residence. I’m also the face behind WildJunket, an adventure travel blog about unusual experiences and outdoor activities. I humbly started the blog in 2008 as a means to keep my friends and families updated about our travels, but it somehow grew into a widely read resource. Since its success, I partnered up with my husband to publish WildJunket Magazine, a digital iPad magazine aimed to share deeper experiences and more visually stunning photos with readers.

Namibia on an overlanding trip with G Adventures

Namibia on an overlanding trip with G Adventures

How did I get here?

My travel addiction started while doing a student exchange program in the United States. It transformed my life and I knew then that I didn’t want a conventional life or a nine-to-five job. In 2003, upon graduating from university in Singapore, I packed my bags and left to see the world.

I’ve been traveling to different corners of the planet with my husband ever since, exploring around 65 countries on seven different continents. Over the years, we’ve lived and worked in the UK, Spain and Tanzania, and have spent months traveling overland in South America, driving around Australia, and backpacking in Asia.

The G team in Antarctica

The G team in Antarctica

Some of my favorite experiences include we’ve climbing an active volcano in Iceland, skydiving in Spain, wildlife watching on the Galapagos Islands, honeymooning in Madagascar and cruising to Antarctica.

Interesting Facts about me:

    • I speak four languages: English, Mandarin, Spanish and French.
    • I can never travel without my Australian cowboy hat.
    • My favorite thing to do while traveling is watching wildlife.
    • I’m not afraid of swimming with sharks or walking with lions, but have a terribly-embarrassing phobia of cats.
    • Mojitos make me go weak in the knees, and I’m always in search of the best mojito wherever I go.
    • I hate cooking but love eating.
Taking the perfect shot of the Arctic on G's MS Expedition.

Taking the perfect shot of the Arctic on G’s MS Expedition.

Where have I been with G Adventures?

My Best Travel Story

Why G Adventures?

When traveling with tour operators, I look for companies with an eco-conscious policy and responsible tourism strategy in place, and I’ve found G Adventures’ values to be consistent with my own. I like G Adventures’ emphasis on authenticity and sustainable tourism and their focus on helping out local communities. Through my personal experiences, I know how travel can transform our lives and I’m truly glad to see a company that uses it as a motto.

I’ve also found that all of the G Adventures trips I’ve been on are the best trips of my life. My first trip with G Adventures was on an Arctic cruise, and it just blew my mind in terms of the epic proportions of the landscapes, the sheer sensation of being at the edge of the world, and just how organized and responsible the expedition crew was. On my Southern Africa overlanding trip too, I was genuinely impressed by our young guides who went all out to make sure we learned as much as we could about the environment, the local culture, and wildlife.

On every trip with G Adventures, I’ve met amazing people and have made some lifelong friends whom I continue to keep in touch with. I’ve already visited a few of these friends in their home towns and we’re just planning to go on another trip together. I can’t wait to see what other adventures G has in store for us!



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