Guide Book: Central America

Caitlin Hotchkiss April 26, 2013 1

Sure, North America and South America may get a lot of the glory – but what about Central America? Turns out the area that lies between is lush with cloud forests, bright green vegetation, clear waters and all kinds of exotic wildlife (just don’t forget the sunblock before you go exploring). It’s even better when you’ve got a CEO like Gabi to bring you the best jungle experiences. Get introduced to her and the wonders of Central America in the video below.

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  1. Hanna September 22, 2013 at 2:16 am - Reply

    I agree 100% with Gabi comments re: Central America, so, so true and role of CEO too.I have met her in Granada and seen her in action-beatifull!!! when our group was on the way to Antiqua with Marcela( human dynamo, big heart and marvel all over) as a CEO “backroading C.A. What memories do I have thanks to Marcela and Allan(CEO in training),incredible,incredible beauty of C.A.Well,I did not do zipplining in Monte Verde, so I hope to rectify that next summer. Thank you guys for being a driving force and in separable part of my memories,Hanna

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