Life’s a Beach – and a Rainforest – at Manuel Antonio National Park

Caitlin Hotchkiss August 14, 2013 1

We’re in a pretty upbeat frame of mind here at G Adventures. I mean, that comes standard with working for the coolest travel company in the world, but things are even more electric now that the G Project’s Summit in the Jungle is imminent. Come September, the four finalists of the G Project will be jetting off to Costa Rica to pitch their worthy ideas to a panel of judges, with the most feasible concept being awarded $25,000 in funding. We wanted to give you a little taste of what they’ll be experiencing in Costa Rica – at Manuel Antonio National Park, to be specific.


The warm glow of evening radiates across Playa Espadilla.

Otherwise known as Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio, this landscape of lush jungles and beaches was declared a national park in 1972, saving it from being paved over. Current-day tourists can be thankful for this – although Manuel Antonio is the second-smallest national park in Costa Rica, it’s still one of the country’s top destinations for travellers. Its two most popular beaches, Playa Espadilla Sur and Playa Manuel Antonio, are separated by the land bridge between the park and Cathedral Point. Playa Manuel Antonio itself is a highlight of its eponymous park, with half a mile of white sand beach between green jungle and secluded coves.


Find your own private piece of paradise.

When you think of a stereotypical “paradise” – palm trees, islands, blue waters, lagoons, exotic animals – Manuel Antonio fits the bill exactly. It’s also a paragon of biodiversity – within the expanse of Manuel Antonio, you’ll find beaches, rainforest, coral reefs, cliffs, and more diverse landscapes. The views from the hills overlooking Manuel Antonio are spectacular, the beaches (especially those inside the national park) are idyllic, and when it comes to the species inhabiting the park, it’s a roll call of exotic cuteness including monkeys (howler, white-faced, capuchin, and squirrel among them), lizards, and little crabs. Also, Manuel Antonio is home to the next Internet sensation:sloths!


This white-headed capuchin isn’t letting sloths steal the spotlight, though. Nor is his friend, the iguana:


(No, it’s not a chameleon, we swear.)

Here’s hoping that the four finalists of the G Project are inspired by their gorgeous surroundings in Manuel Antonio National Park – and if you’re looking for a little inspiration of your own (or maybe just some R&R on the beach), check out our roster of Costa Rica trips that visit Manuel Antonio.


The end to another day. Are you there yet?

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