Visual Adventure – Jordan’s Natural and Man-Made Wonders

Jeremy Jones March 13, 2013 1

Jordan is a country full of vast landscapes with unique geographical wonders as well as ruins of manmade structures that rival the world’s best.  From the lowest point on Earth to one of the beautiful ruins of Petra, any itinerary is action-packed in this tiny Middle Eastern nation, and that is even before you add in the stunning desert of Wadi Rum and the Holy Land.

The Dead Sea of Jordan is not only the lowest spot on the Earth but also the saltiest, as is visible by the layers of salt built up on the rocks from the splashing of the waves.

The desert of Wadi Rum is a magical place full of dunes and gorgeous arches. The best way to explore this region is with a half-day 4×4 ride with nothing but the beauty of nature surrounding you.

As the gem of Jordan, the ruins of Petra are much larger than the photos ever lead you to believe. But for the purists, the first glimpse of the Treasury after wandering through the Siq makes your heart skip a beat.

The church of the mosaic in Madaba is filled with art made entirely of tiny coloured stones in a style that is continued in the city to this very day.

Even more amazing is seeing the wonderful ruins by night, a view you’ll never forget!


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    Hey G Adventures! Wouldn’t it be smart to have links from the Looptail articles direct to the trips that G Adventures does to these places? Why aren’t there easy links from the Jordan article to your trips there? Just askin’?!!

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