Visual Adventure: Rajasthan

Nellie Huang December 13, 2012 2

Udaipur through the peacock arches

From bright vermillion buildings to fushcia pink saris, the northwest Indian state of Rajasthan is characterized by its colorful architecture and people. Be it temples, clothing, or tuktuks, everything in this vibrant state is splashed with a palette of rainbow colors. Even cities are distinguished by colors—such as the white lake city of Udaipur and the blue town Jodhpur.

In Udaipur, I fell for the white-washed havelis and beige brown palaces that stood by the lake, their colors reflected onto the water surface each morning. In Jaisalmer, the palace took on the earth brown color of the nearby Thar Desert, rising from the sand like a mirage; while in Jaipur, everything was awashed in pink, the color that represents the royal family. With chaotic squares and polluted streets, the energy of Rajasthan can be overwhelming – but when enjoyed at a slow pace, the region is as evocative as it is charming.

A region blanketed with bright tie-dyed saris, mirror-studded cloths and artful patchworks, Rajasthan epitomizes India at its most exotic. As you can probably tell by now, Rajasthan is easily my favorite part of India, and I’m sure once you visit, you’ll feel the same way. This photo essay is a tribute to the region that has both fascinated and intrigued me. Here are some of my favorite shots from different corners of Rajasthan, hope you like them.

Jaisalmer, the desert city in the Thar

A street vendor poses for my camera

Riddles in the sand: The Thar Desert

The Hawal Mahal, Palace of the Wind, in Jaipur

A lady poses for me at the Royal Palace in Jaipur

Snake charmer in Jaipur


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