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Chief Experience Officer

  • Department: Changing People's Lives
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Thinking of travelling the world as a G Adventures Tour Leader?

  • Do you have amazing travel experiences to share with others?
  • Are you well organized, flexible, out-going, with a good sense of humour?
  • Is dealing with people enjoyable for you?

If you answered yes to the above questions, we may have the adventure job that you've been looking for! At G Adventures we call our Tour Leaders, Chief Experience Officers or CEOs. The owner of the company sacrificed his title because he truly believed in the front line of the business. Becoming a CEO means that you will need to be more than just a tour leader – we ask that our CEOs do not merely focus on the logistics of the tour, but create a unique and unforgettable experience for all our travellers.

What is required of a G Adventures Tour Leader (CEO)?

  1. A Love for Adventure Travel: We are the Adventure specialists and we only hire CEOs who have a genuine passion for travelling to vibrant, exciting areas of the world. Our CEOs come from very diverse backgrounds, but this is one thing that they all have in common. Previous experience living, travelling, studying or working abroad is an essential requirement for this position.

  2. Bilingualism and language skills: All of G Adventures tours are operated in English so a good command of the English language is mandatory. For many of our destinations it is mandatory that you speak the local language as well. South and Central America is a good example of this. It is mandatory to speak fluent Spanish to lead tours for us in Latin America. This helps ensure we maintain excellent relations between the company, the people we meet and work with in the field and the travellers on our trips. For other destinations such as Asia, Africa or Europe speaking and understanding more than one language is definitely an asset. Knowledge of the local language is not mandatory as you may pass through multiple countries with multiple languages, and English is widely spoken and understood. We do look favorably on applicants who can offer our travellers extra insight into local communities and cultures through knowledge of their local language.

  3. Excellent Leadership and Communication Skills: We look for people who have experience in leadership roles, with a proven ability to communicate effectively in a wide range of contexts.

  4. Resourcefulness: We need CEOs who have a good head on their shoulders, who can remain calm and collected under unpredictable and stressful circumstances. Our CEOs need to be able to take decisive action to resolve problems as they arise. Leading groups can be quite challenging at times, and we need people who are able to take charge and deal with local situations...the common “How do we get around this landslide?” type of problem, and countless others we haven't even thought of yet!

  5. Awareness of and Commitment to Sustainable Tourism: Our CEOs need to be committed to environmentally and culturally responsible tourism, and be an inspiring example to the travellers.

  6. Regional Commitment: G Adventures hires Chief Experience Officers for an 18-month contract in one of the regions where we operate (Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia). It takes time and effort to learn the skills that make a good leader, and once you are ready we want to have you around for a while!

  7. Good Health and High Energy Level: It may seem obvious but we need CEOs who can always handle the daily stresses, both mental and physical, of long and tiring days. Be it a 13-hour bus ride, a long day's trek with a difficult group of travellers, or an included rafting adventure, you need to be the friendly, happy, helpful face of G Adventures - even when it's raining and you've got diarrhea !!

  8. First Aid/CPR Certification: CEOs must be prepared to act in case of emergency. Standard First Aid Certification and CPR are required at the start of a contract to ensure your ability to assist with injuries, illness, or emergency in remote locations. The costs of certification are your responsibility.

  9. Transportation to your training location: It is the CEO's responsibility to get him or herself to the starting point of the training trip.

  10. Background in basic accounting/budgeting: Experience working with budgets or developing a personal budget is an asset.

  11. Computer literacy: A working knowledge of the Internet, E-mail, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel is essential.

What G Adventures offers you

  1. An experience of a lifetime: G Adventures has been an industry leader in small group adventure travel for over a decade. Throughout your time with G Adventures, you could find yourself rafting Class 4 rapids, climbing the world's highest active volcano, translating dream interpretations with a Shaman in the Ecuadorian jungle, or searching for the “Big Five” on the Masai Mara.

  2. Opportunities for internal advancement: G Adventures maintains operational offices in San Jose (Costa Rica), Quito, Lima, Cusco, Buenos Aires, Rio De Janeiro, London, Delhi, Cairo, Nairobi, Capetown, Bangkok and Beijing. We also have sales staff in Western and Eastern Canada, the United States, the UK and Australia. The Toronto head office is divided into Sales, Marketing/E-commerce, Planeterra, Accounting, I.T. and Operations/Product. Many of the current staff, especially those in Operation, began their careers leading groups in some corner of the globe.

  3. Life skills: A great opportunity to develop decision-making skills, manage group dynamics, acquire strong organizational qualities, and improve foreign language skills.

  4. An opportunity to launch personal projects: Have you ever wanted to develop your hobby of photography? Drawing? Video/film making? Travel writing? Reading the classics of Latin American literature? In your downtime between tours, you may find yourself wanting to develop an interest that has been on the back burner. As a creative person, you may even find a way to integrate your groups in your creative endeavors.

CEO General Job Description

The purpose of this information is to give potential hires a general outline of the job responsibilities and basic rate of pay for Tour Leaders.

During the contract, a CEO will:

  • Consistently deliver a high level of customer service and traveller satisfaction.
  • Provide leadership for our travellers and be responsible for their well-being.
  • Continually increase your knowledge about the visited country, its culture, religion, current affairs, environment, etc.
  • Have detailed knowledge of hotels, sights, restaurants, transport, souvenirs, prices, etc. Develop a series of information sources and contacts that can be of assistance when required.
  • Maintain a valid passport and visa. It is the responsibility of the Leader to stay up to date on any travel restrictions based on his/her nationality.
  • Keep vaccinations and preventive medication up to date.
  • Be mindful of potential opportunities for G Adventures, such as new destinations, new CEOs, new markets or ways to improve itineraries.

On each departure, a CEO will:

  • Act as day-to-day guide, interpreter and manager of the group.
  • Deal directly with your traveller's issues and concerns, ensuring that passenger satisfaction is effectively achieved.
  • Maintain the established travel itinerary as closely as possible, making changes only when necessary.
  • Make reservations for accommodation, transportation and activities as required.
  • Assist and accompany travellers during optional activities and meals.
  • Advise travellers on suitable restaurants, additional transport requirements, purchase of souvenirs, etc.
  • Maintain daily expenditure accounts, retain receipts and keep expenses within the trip budget provided. Updated: July 2011
  • Provide a report for each trip, in the requested format.
  • Keep the Trip notes updated in the standardized format.
  • Train new Leaders as required, passing on as much trip-related information as possible.
  • Provide assistance to the regional offices when requested by their Managers or by the Toronto office.


The overall success of each G Adventures trip is largely determined by the Group Leader! For most travellers, the only G Adventures representative with whom they will have contact is their CEO. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you meet the needs of each individual in the group. Your main responsibility as a CEO is to ensure that your travellers have a fun, safe, memorable adventure.

Our travellers have diverse ages and interests, and a multitude of reasons for embarking on their tour. You must ascertain what their needs are early on in the trip in order ensure that they are satisfied with the quality of service that you provide, and to avoid potential complaints in the future.

Our pay rates vary from region to region. We provide quarterly incentives, attractive discounts off our trips, payment in between trips to cover your accommodation and food expenses, daily expense allowances on trips and much more. We are an industry leader in recognising what our CEOs need. That is why we have the best CEOs.

Hopefully, by now you've got a much better understanding of what's involved in being a G Adventures CEO. Are you still interested? If you want to embark on this adventurous experience, please visit our website and complete the online application.

IMPORTANT: We do not accept CV's or resumes. The entire application process is conducted online in our format, and it includes a simple questionnaire to help us find personality traits required by a strong candidate.


Your application will be reviewed by an office located in the region of the world which you specified. Please note that only qualifying candidates will be contacted, and availability of CEO positions is dictated by schedule in every region.