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Spain is regional. For much of its history Spain was a collection of kingdoms, and even the language we call Spanish is not used universally – just wander around Barcelona or the Basque country. Point is, to get a real feel for Spain, you've got to do some moving around. Every region has its specialty, whether it's art in Madrid, food in Basque country, architecture in Barcelona or flamenco in Andalusia. A fascinating history stretching from Romans to Moors and beyond has left a legacy of castles, palaces, and churches equal to anywhere. Oh, and Spaniards love a party. And you don't need to dodge charging bulls to belong; just grab a wineskin and join in the fun. No fiesta? Just wait a couple of days.

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5. März 2013 10:08:08

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Where do Locals eat in Madrid on Sundays?

15. Januar 2013 03:19:20

Part of the great fun in having a travel blog is that my readers are as enthused about food as I am. It was great to get an email from one of them when I arrived in Madrid, promising me a Sunday of tapas, wine and walking “just like the locals do”.

Eating in Spain: The Culture of Tapas

23. Oktober 2012 07:11:05

Growing up in western Pennsylvania my introduction to tapas came late. In fact, the first time I heard the name mentioned was during my sophomore year of college (1997) when Howard Stern promoted a New York City tapas restaurant on a daily basis

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