Isolated by mountains like a pinnacled island in the sea of Europe, polyglot Switzerland is a natural home for the United Nations – in the centre of Europe and yet decidedly aloof. Synonymous with mountains, Switzerland is the quintessential alpine destination, and Matterhorn and Zermatt are household names the world over. With ancient towns on turquoise lakes, glaciers, and waterfalls throughout the country, the legendary scenery doesn't disappoint. Nor do the Swiss. Just sit back and enjoy the view; there can be few people who revel in their geography more, and roaming the endless hiking trails, schussing down off-piste ski slopes or soaking in outdoor spas you are as likely to run into locals as you are fellow travellers. Not to mention that due to their much-ballyhooed penchant for precision, stuff just... works (if you can afford it).

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