North America

North America


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A bountiful land of eye-popping landscapes, sprawling cities, and adventure at every turn, North America combines the wonders of nature and man together into an unbeatable package. Out in the wilds, you’ll encounter forests of towering trees, sun-blasted deserts, mountains that scrape the heavens themselves, and loads of sparkling lakes and rivers. Meanwhile, the cities teem with all manner of sensory delights, from cutting-edge music and art to caught-that-morning seafood and burgers as big as your head. These are the lands of plenty, and there’s always enough for seconds (or thirds).

North America - USA

It’s not every day you get to open up a brand-new continent, so forgive us if we’re a little excited about our fresh-from-the-oven 2012 North America program. Our adventures here are wide-ranging and far-reaching, stretching from the verdant wilderness of Canada’s Pacific Coast through the mighty Rockies to the bustling city streets of the East Coast, down into Vegas the Wild West and across the scenic highways of California. This is the ancestral home of the road trip. Come along for the ride.

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