Something for everyone (and then some)

A land awash in ancient history, mind-boggling landscapes, entrancing culture, and non-stop fun, there’s a side of South America that’s perfect for every traveller – including you. The colossal peaks of Patagonia and the Andes beg to be climbed, while the enveloping rainforests that surround the mighty Amazon seem designed to be explored. Along the way, reminders of the Inca, the conquistadors, and others who came before dot the landscape, and the intoxicating pull of the vibrant cities is never far away. The time of your life awaits down here. All you have to do is find it.

South America - Peru

Infectious samba rhythms; towering Andean peaks scraping their fingers against the heavens; the tangy bite of chumuchurri on Argentina asado; the leathery skin of a Galápagos tortoise; the distinctive whiff of a llama on the Inca Trail... South America has a sensation for all senses. The Andes dominate our new 2012 trips here (much like they do everything else), and our Local Living program will bring you in touch with a side of Patagonia you'd otherwise never see. Bring your camera; you won’t believe it was real otherwise.

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