Medical Form

Who Should Complete This Form?

All travellers must complete the form. If you indicate that you have a pre-existing medical condition your medical practitioner must complete Section D - Part 2 of the printable medical form. The more information G Adventures has, the more we may assist you in the unlikely event of an emergency or need for other medical assistance.

All travellers to Antarctica are required by the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) to provide insurance and emergency contact information.

This questionnaire should be completed, and returned to G Adventures prior to final payment.

Why do I need to complete this form?

Our tours and Antarctic expeditions travel to remote areas where limited or no sophisticated medical facilities exist. A medical emergency situation is extremely unlikely; however, should it arise we are armed with the necessary information to help you. Generally, our tours and expeditions are intended for travellers in reasonably good health for their safety, along with that of their fellow travellers.

What happens if I don't complete this form?

In the event you have made a booking with G Adventures and subsequently are unable or refuse to complete this medical form for any reason by the final payment date as specified in our terms and conditions, G Adventures reserves the right to consider your booking cancelled as of that day and applicable cancellation penalties will apply.

How do I complete this form?

It is very important for your own health and safety that you complete all questions fully and truthfully; we rarely have to refuse anyone a place on a trip for medical reasons, but in the event of a medical emergency, the information you have provided could be crucial. Should any such condition become apparent, we reserve the right to decline, accept or retain you or any other passenger at any time during the trip.

If you are going to Antarctica, please submit the online medical form

Online Medical Form

If you HAVE pre-existing medical conditions AND/OR are going to Antarctica, please print the printable medical form and follow the enclosed instructions.

Printable Medical Form