G Adventures Acquires Explorer

1 Jul 2004

Affordable Antarctica Tours Available

G Adventures has acquired the famous expedition ship Explorer. A legend in adventure circles, Explorer has a venerable laundry list of expedition firsts, including being the first passenger ship to venture south of the Antarctic Circle. G Adventures will use Explorer to operate its already successful Antarctica program, as well as expeditions to the Arctic and deep into the Amazon River.

In his book Ship in the Wilderness, Kenneth Shackleton, son of the famous Antarctic Explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, said of Explorer that she is "without any doubt, the most travelled vessel, with the most exciting and varied visual record of natural wonders anywhere on the high seas."

The company recently purchased the ship to deal with the overwhelming demand for their Antarctica program. Antarctica has been a buzz word in the travel industry over the last few years as demand for the destination has grown exponentially each season. With the acquisition of Explorer, G Adventures is now in the envious position of being in complete control of the price and quality or their Antarctic operations. Well known already for supplying the most affordable Antarctica tours in the industry, the company plans to continue offering low prices while at the same time improving the on-board experience.

Built by polar adventure expert Lars Eric Lindblad in 1969, Explorer was purpose built for expedition cruising in Antarctica. Also well known as "The Little Red Ship", the vessel was the world's first expedition cruise ship, and is designed with such challenging destinations as the polar regions and the Amazon River in mind. Explorer is 75 meters in length and carries 108 adventurous passengers, a large crew and one of the most experienced expedition teams in the world, most notably Captain Uli Demel, who is widely regarded as the master of Antarctic navigation. Public space onboard includes a dining room serving international cuisine, a theatre for lectures and presentations, a bar and lounge, and a top deck that provides a 360 degree view of the surrounding wilderness. Explorer is also equipped with 10 Zodiacs launch boats. Zodiacs provide practically unlimited mobility and allow exploration of even the most remote and inaccessible shores. Explorer will be refurbished by G Adventures this summer.

"As far as adventure destinations go, Antarctica is "the" hotspot right now", says Jeff Russill of G Adventures. "Antarctica offers the well travelled adventurer the opportunity to conquer that final continent that simply wasn't available or reasonably priced in the past." Antarctica's highlights include the planet's most spectacular scenery, and an abundance of wildlife that includes Humpback and Minke Whales, Orca, and a variety of penguin and seal species. For history buffs, Antarctica was the scene of some of the most heroic and legendary explorations of all time. Names like Shackleton and Scott have become synonymous with Polar exploration and attract historians from around the world to Antarctica.

Explorer will navigate the icy waters of the southern seas from mid November to early March each year, and will also be visiting South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. In the spring, journeys will be made up the Amazon River, and in summer she will sail to the northern ice of the Arctic.

G Adventures will also be opening up the renowned ship to charter groups.

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