Canadian Government Recognizes G Adventures Tsunami Relief Efforts

16 Mar 2005

March 8, 2005. Toronto – G Adventures and our supporters have contributed nearly $40,000 in tsunami relief funding, to help the people devastated by the tsunami over two months ago. We truly appreciate this tremendous response, and recently received a personal letter of recognition from Ontario Premier, Dalton McGuinty. "I would like to thank you and everyone associated with G Adventures for your invaluable work in support of the relief effort for the catastrophe in South Asia. Your collective ability to respond to this emergency in such a prompt and positive way is a tribute to your company's caring nature and commitment to helping others." You can read the entire letter here.

The images of devastation are still vivid in our minds, but at the same time events such as this also bring out the best in humanity, as we have all pitched in to lend assistance in one way or another. The funds raised by G Adventures have gone towards relief efforts of generous organizations like Plan International, The Red Cross and UNICEF.

However, our ability to help does not end here. Being a responsible tour operator, we realize the importance of continued tourism to these countries, and so do our travellers. Throughout January and February, our trips to Thailand and Asia held strong, with our travellers realizing that their positive economic impact was needed more than ever before.

"Now that the media seems to have calmed down and it seems the mass frenzy is over, there is still a long road ahead for people throughout Asia, to rebuild their lives, their homes, their towns, and their livelihoods. One great thing about our industry is that we can continue to support them by promoting our tours to Asia, which provides economic support and jobs for so many. It was encouraging to see that Thailand was still our top Asian destination in January 2005!" - Danielle Weiss, G Adventures

For more information about our relief efforts and to find out what you can still do to help those in need, please contact Danielle Weiss, Sustainable Tourism Coordinator at 1 800 465 5600 x122 or

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