G Adventures sponsors Responsible Tourism Awards in the UK

30 Apr 2007

April 30, 2007 - G Adventure is delighted to sponsor the “Best Destination” category for the 2007 Responsible Tourism Awards. The main principle of these awards is that all types of tourism can and should be operated in a way that respects and benefits destinations and local people. It also recognizes individuals, companies and organizations in the travel industry that are making a significant commitment to the culture and economies of local communities, and are providing a positive contribution to the environment and biodiversity conservation. The winners will be announced at the first World Responsible Tourism Day at World Travel Market in London, UK on November 14, 2007

These awards are well aligned with G Adventures’ operating philosophy, which is to respect the communities in which we operate. We do this by acting in a manner that is environmentally, socially and economically responsible. While our sustainable tourism policies are constantly evolving, our commitment to socially conscious, grassroots style travel has never changed. We work with local communities, businesses and individuals to develop sustainable tourism opportunities that help local economies while minimizing negative environmental and cultural impacts.

The “Best Destination” category is awarded to a resort, village or an entire country that manages tourism for the long-term benefit of tourists, conservation and local people.

The Responsible Tourism Awards are the largest of their kind in the world and are a collaboration between on-line travel agent responsibletravel.com which organizes the Awards; UK media partners The Times and Geographical Magazine; supporters Conservation International; and The World Travel Market which hosts the presentation event.