G Adventures takes New York by storm

9 Sep 2007

September 19, 2007 – The Big Apple is in the grip of G Adventures mania! G Adventures' public grand opening on September 15 was a whirlwind of non-stop activities.

The flagship concept store in Greenwich Village attracted droves of new customers beckoned by our outdoor street performers including African drumming & dancing and sizzling Brazilian show girls. Our street teams dressed in international costumes roamed the city, enticing the locals to venture into our store. Once inside, New Yorkers were greeted with our G Adventures' team of down-to earth friendliness and savvy travel knowledge. With a relaxed atmosphere, they were encouraged to surf our state of the art iMAC computers which featured our latest trip itineraries and displayed our television show's (The Great Adventure People) destinations. The festivities continued throughout the day with belly dancers gracefully balancing candelabras on their heads.

The highlights of the opening were the guest appearances of our CEO, Bruce Poon Tip and travel industry icon and long time G Adventures supporter, Arthur Frommer. A standing room only crowd of enthusiastic travellers enjoyed Arthur's talk as he charmed the audience with his trusted advice and humourous wit displaying his encyclopediac knowledge of adventure travel, with the highlight being his top five recommended adventure travel itineraries including China, Vietnam, Thailand, and African safaris. We were thrilled as Arthur beamed about these G Adventures itineraries and how he believes we have no competitors in the adventure travel market!