G Adventures uses green power

18 Sep 2007

September 18, 2007 – G Adventures, a world leader in adventure travel and sustainable tourism, is proud to announce that its Toronto Head Office is now bullfrogpowered.

Bullfrog Power is the first 100% green electricity retailer in Ontario. Bullfrog purchases power exclusively from wind and low impact hydro generators that meet or exceed the federal government's standard for renewable electricity.

“G Adventures chose Bullfrog Power because of its natural synchronicity with our corporate philosophy,” said founder and CEO Bruce Poon Tip. “Having recently spent some time in the Arctic, I saw first-hand the effect global warming is having in one of the most affected areas of the world. It was a reminder of the importance of our commitment to reduce our ecological footprint and to always strive to do more. We are pleased to extend our support of Bullfrog Power, already in use in our Toronto and Calgary concept stores, to our head office.”

“We are very pleased that G Adventures has expanded its support for green power with Bullfrog,” said Bullfrog Power President Tom Heintzman. “G Adventures is already a recognized leader for socially and environmentally responsible business practices within the travel industry. By signing on its global head office, G Adventures is making a significant commitment to the supply and development of clean, renewable electricity.”

This is the latest in a series of green initiatives implemented by G Adventures. G Adventures is pleased to extend our support of bullfrogpower, already in use in our Toronto and Calgary concept stores, to our head office. In order to minimize the potentially negative environmental impacts of tourism, G Adventures pioneered its unique method of sustainable travel and cultural immersion with small group sizes. G Adventures uses small-scale lodging, local transportation, supports locally-owned businesses and incorporates community-based ecotourism projects into its tours to demonstrate its commitment to tour operations that are environmentally, socially and culturally responsible.

All expeditions aboard G Adventures' ship, the M/S Explorer, meet and exceed all environmental regulations. The Explorer operates on marine gas oil which is cleaner than truck diesel fuel as it offers lower sulfur dioxide emissions. All zodiacs have been outfitted with 4- stroke outboard engines which dramatically reduces environmenal pollutants and the ship is stocked with recycled, non-chlorine bleached paper and toilet paper.

Through its Sustainable Tourism department, G Adventures developed Planeterra - The G Adventures Foundation as a way to give back to the communities and people visited on its trips. Learn more about the projects that Planeterra supports at www.planeterra.org.