Skydive for Charity raises more than $18,500

22 Jul 2008

July 22, 2008 - What better way to raise money for a great cause than by jumping out of a perfectly good airplane? G Adventures recently held its 5th annual skydive for charity in Toronto and Calgary, raising a whopping $18,545.

More than 30 skydivers participated and selected either an Instructor Assisted Deployment skydive, jumping solo from 3500 feet, or a Tandem skydive, where the skydiver and Jumpmaster freefall together for 35 seconds from 10,500 feet at over 120mph!

G Adventures covered 50% of the jump fees for all participants and in return, skydivers raised funds for Planeterra - G Adventures’ non-profit foundation which is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of people and communities around the world.

“Congratulations to all of our participants who helped make this exciting day so successful," said Danielle Weiss, Planeterra Manager. “I’d also like to thank our top fundraisers Lindsay Lipton and Sylvia Jensen who each won a fantastic 9-day G Adventures trip to Costa Rica. Our appreciation also goes to Skydive SWOOP and Alberta Skydivers for training our skydivers and for assisting us with such a wonderful event.”

Funds raised from this event will go towards the many international charities and local projects which Planeterra supports. Money raised will help bring water to villages in Kenya, give the gift of sight to 300 people in Tibet, provide capital to women to start their own businesses in Honduras, and help to support street children in Peru.

Thank you to our generous sponsors:
Bullfrog Power for sponsoring the green power purchase for the Jump for Charity and making it a bullfrogpowered event, M &M Meat Shops for supplying a great barbecue, and post event sponsors Vex and Cameron’s Ale. Our appreciation also goes to Metro News, Toronto Hispano and The Flamborough Review for promoting the event in Toronto and to for promoting the event in Alberta.