New exhilarating expedition cruises

18 Nov 2008

Expeditions that will thrill the adventurer in you

November 25, 2008 - G Adventures, the world’s leading adventure travel company, has relaunched its range of Expedition cruises with the purchase of the M/S Expedition. Newly refitted, the M/S Expedition will be plying the waters from April 2009 offering a new and comfortable experience in Expedition cruising. To celebrate the new ship, G Adventures is also offering travellers $400 off all new Expedition 2009 trips booked by December 15, 2008 for all departures from April to September 2009.

At 105 metres (345 ft) in length and with a top speed of 16 knots, the new M/S Expedition can accommodate up to 120 passengers, allowing for a unique way of exploring the Polar regions. Also, state-of-the-art stabilisers will ensure as smooth a ride as possible. Guests will have the choice of different categories of cabins ranging from triples to suites, each featuring outside facing portholes or windows. Besides special amenities such as a pub, a fitness centre and a sauna, the ship will boast multiple viewing areas - including a large 360-degree observation deck for wildlife spotting.

“G Adventures is proud to announce a new line-up of expeditions to some of the most mesmerizing corners of the world including Antarctica, the Azores, the Arctic and around the British Isles,” says Bruce Poon Tip, CEO of G Adventures. “As each voyage is equipped with a superb team of onboard experts in marine biology, history and geology, we can not only ensure exceptional value for money but also an insightful and unforgettable experience for all travellers.”

G Adventures’ new thrilling Expedition cruises include:

Explore the Azores
Embark on the M/S Expedition and voyage around this captivating and remote archipelago, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, 1000 miles off the Portuguese coast. Travellers will witness first-hand the stunning azure seas and the unspoilt natural beauty of these volcanic islands, including Graciosa, Floral, and Faial and taste the world famous Verdelho wine on Pico Island. Also, this 10-day cruise offers a rare opportunity for wildlife viewing: sailing around the Azores is the best way to see seabirds, dolphins and whales up close!
Price: from $2830 CAD/$2695 USD
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Arctic Highlights
Sailing from Spitsbergen to Iceland, travellers will follow the breathtaking edge of the ice and witness outstanding wildlife, including polar bears, walruses and reindeers. Navigating south towards Greenland, they will spot whales, orcas and white-beaked dolphins, and venture into Greenland’s untouched tundra aboard a zodiac. After visiting Scoresbysund, one of the largest fjord systems in the world, visitors will complete their journey in Iceland and the steaming hot springs of Reykjavik.
Price: from $4070 CAD/ $3875 USD
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Norwegian Fjords and Polar Bears
A mystical two-week journey, drifting past medieval villages, majestic icebergs and along crystalline fjords. Departing from Edinburgh, travellers will first stop at Orkney then continue northwards to the remote Shetland Islands. Along the Norwegian coastline, visitors will take zodiac and land excursions to get a closer look at some of Scandinavia’s major highlights: medieval Trondheim, the steep fjords of Central Norway, and the cold waters of Andoya Island, famous for whale watching. Travellers will then visit Bear Island, a birdwatcher's paradise, and head on to Svalbard, an archipelago of deep fjords and massive ice sheets, populated by polar bears, seals, reindeers and arctic foxes.
Price: from $4405 CAD/$4195 USD
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