G Adventures Appoints New CEO‘s

15 Dec 2009
Founder Bruce Poon Tip adopts new title.

In a move designed to further empower his already highly-entrepreneurial global staff, G Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip announced last week that he is relinquishing the title of chief executive officer effective immediately.

But G Adventures is not without a CEO. On the contrary, the world leader in small-group adventure travel now boasts several hundred of them. While Poon Tip’s role in the company will remain the same, the title of CEO is now held by all customer-facing adventure specialists and tour leaders around the world, now known as Chief Experience Officers.

The move to anoint dozens of new CEOs was carried out to highlight G Adventures’ ongoing commitment to leading with service and the importance of those customer-facing Gappers to that mission “We truly are a company of CEOs,” Poon Tip said. “When someone calls us up and asks to speak to the CEO, our response will be ‘which one’?

G Adventures’ entrepreneurial culture has been a key driver of growth for the past 20 years, Poon Tip determined that given them the new title would further empower Gappers’ to do their best in providing life-changing adventures to travellers the world over. All Gappers will also now have the unique opportunity to select their own titles that best reflect the specific nature of their positions, their connection to the company’s loyal travellers and their role in the company’s continuing, rapid growth.

Poon Tip will adopt a new title that aptly reflects his ongoing, visionary leadership role within Gap Adventures. The founder is currently weighing various options and will announce the new moniker shortly on Twitter @brucepoontip

For more information, visit www.gadventures.com