G Adventures Announces 25% Early Booking Bonus on Select 2011 Arctic Cruises

29 Oct 2010
Passengers on first Arctic cruise of the year will have a chance to experience partial solar eclips

Toronto, October 29, 2010 — G Adventures is kicking off the 2011 Arctic cruising season by offering a special bonus to early-bird travellers.

Passengers who book a spot on a selection of Arctic cruises aboard the M/S Expedition vessel by January 31, 2011, will receive a 25 per cent early-booking discount.

“Our Arctic expeditions are unique experiences – from encountering rare mammals and birds to seeing first-hand the incredible deep beauty of towering icebergs,” said G Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip. “We love changing people’s lives with our trips and continue to enjoy fantastic feedback about our Arctic cruises.”

Passengers on G Adventures’ first Arctic cruise of 2011 will enjoy yet another bonus: the chance to experience a partial solar eclipse that will blanket parts of Iceland, northern Canada, Alaska, Greenland and northern Scandinavia.

And for the first time, all Arctic cruise passengers will receive a free destination guide and complimentary pair of wellington boots to keep their feet warm and dry for the duration of their trip. This will also be the first season G Adventures offers kayak excursions as part of its Arctic program for a chance to get up-close-and-personal with Orcas, sea lions and the vast array of other cold-weather wildlife.

Cruises included in the early booking bonus promotion include:

--The 15-day Norwegian Fjords & Polar Bears: was CAD $5,889 per person, now CAD $4,417

--The 8-day Realm of the Polar Bear: was CAD $5,139 per person, now CAD $3,855

--The 11-day Realm of the Polar Bear in Depth: was CAD $5,249, now CAD $3,937

The promotion excludes the ‘Arctic Highlights—Spitsbergen, Greenland, and Iceland’ itinerary and is valid for new bookings in category-two cabins and higher only. The early booking bonus promotion ends January 31, 2011. G Adventures reserves the right to end the promotion at any time based on availability.

For more information, visit www.gadventures.com

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