G Adventures offers up a cool slate of trips for cold weather-loving travellers

20 Sep 2010
Canada Goose itineraries include adventures to Nunavut, Sweden, Patagonia

Toronto, September 20, 2010—When some travellers weigh vacation options, their thoughts drift to beaches, fast-paced cities and luxurious resorts.

Adventure travellers, on the other hand, tend to think outside the traditional travel box. For them, a winter trek across snow-covered tundra is just as appealing as time lazing on a sun-drenched beach. To satisfy their cold-weather wishes, G Adventures (www.gadventures.com) teamed up with outdoor apparel maker Canada Goose last year to develop a full line of intriguing itineraries.

Canada Goose Adventures take travellers to a wide range of destinations across Canada, Finland, Sweden and Argentina to rub elbows with polar bears (figuratively, not literally!), embark on reindeer safaris, stay in igloos and ice hotels and encounter the unique cultures of the Far North and South. And to ensure those passionate polar trekkers look stylish as they sled, snowshoe and snowmobile their way across the icy terrain, the itineraries include a Canada Goose Adventurer jacket for each traveller.

“These Canada Goose destinations truly are some of the great frontiers in adventure travel,” said G Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip. “We love changing people’s lives with our authentic, sustainable trips, and these itineraries always leave our travellers awestruck and eager to return.”

This year the tour operator is adding new options to its chilly trip line-up, including the unforgettable Arctic Wildlife Adventure (starting at $7,709 CAD per adult, trip code NCFE). During the eight-day journey, local Inuit guides escort travellers to Nunavut’s floe-edge—where land meets water in a place that truly feels like the edge of the Earth—for a chance to glimpse the abundance of wildlife that converge in the area including polar bears, narwhals and beluga whales.

New for 2011, the three Europe-based Canada Goose tours—Finland Winter Activity Week and Igloo Village, Finland Winter Activity Week and Reindeer Safari and Sweden and the Ice Hotel—have been designated as independent trips to maximize the number of available departure dates, while still maintaining their unique activities and appeal. These solo journeys offer travellers greater freedom and flexibility to discover the full natural appeal of these spectacular destinations.

Other popular Canada Goose trips include the 11-day Patagonia Winter Activity Week (starting at $3,569 CAD per person, trip code SCWA)—a stunning trek through the mountainous and glacier-pocked regions of southern Argentina, as well as the exciting Quebec Activity Week and Winter Carnival (starting at $3,209 CAD, trip code NCQM). The breathtaking eight-day tour, which now includes a snowshoeing excursion in the Charlevoix region, departs from Quebec City and features ample opportunity for dog-sledding, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and stays in secluded log cabins along the north bank of the St. Lawrence River.

For more information, visit www.gadventures.com