Antarctica Camping Terms

Camping in Antarctica

Your Camping Experience

Your camping excursion will take place in one of the roughest and toughest environments in a remote part of the world. We cannot guarantee any location because our ability to do so very much depends on the weather and ice conditions, which can be changeable, and over which we have no control. The descriptions in the voyage brochure and preparation notes are made in the belief and with care that they are accurate, but due to the camping excursion being very much dependent on the natural environment, we cannot guarantee that it will take place as described. If we are unable to provide you with a full camping excursion due to medical emergency, weather and ice conditions, or any circumstance beyond our control, no refund of money paid will be made.

Equipment and Safety

To take part in the camping excursion you must be appropriately dressed. Details of the recommended clothing are listed in our attached “Preparation Notes Camping in Antarctica”. You are reminded that in the Polar Regions, the weather conditions can change rapidly, with little or no warning. It is therefore important that you are adequately dressed for the worst possible conditions.

In the interests of your safety and comfort, and that of the other participants, it is very important that you must listen to, understand, and comply with all and any instructions given. Instructions will be given in English. If you do not understand any of the instructions, we reserve the right to refuse you participation based on safety concerns communicating during an emergency situation.

Your Health

You must declare: (1) when you book this camping excursion and (2) immediately prior to starting your camping excursions, any pre-existing medical condition or illness, or poor state of health. You should, before starting your expedition, visit a doctor for a personal medical examination to ensure that you are fully able to participate in the camping excursion, and we shall assume that you have done so. If you are recovering from or had recently any major illness or surgery, then by participating in the camping excursion, you may be placing yourself and others at risk. If so, we would strongly advise you not to take part. Participants will be ashore for approximately 10-12 hours in potentially adverse weather conditions. In an emergency, medical treatment and availability may be delayed by weather, ice conditions beyond our control. There is always a risk that time onshore could be extended as a result of circumstances beyond our control, passengers must have the health stamina to handle such a situation. The expedition leader onboard may refuse to allow a passenger to participate in this excursion if there are evident health concerns.


As you will be camping in cold and icy conditions, there will be the constant risk of personal injury. You must accept that element of risk. You will be required to have medical and travel insurance and to sign a separate Liability Waiver Form expressly assuming the risks associated with the camping excursion and releasing G Adventures Inc., The Expedition Shipping Company Limited, (and all other related, affiliated, associated or otherwise connected corporations, partnerships, individuals and other entities and all of their respective officers, directors, employees, contractors, agents, successors and assigned, from all liability (including but not limited to injury, loss or death) and waiving all claims. You will not be permitted to participate in the kayaking program unless you execute this form.

Camping is restricted to those persons 18 years of age and over.