Love Changing Lives

We Love Changing Lives

From our staff and tour leaders, to our travellers and partners, we proudly invite you to meet a few of the extraordinary people whose lives have been transformed by our unwavering belief in the promise of positive change.

Let their stories inspire you to embrace the possibilities, break away from the ordinary and join us on a life-changing journey you'll never forget.

Michelle, Traveller

Closing my eyes I can still see it, hear it, smell it: Peru. Hiking the Inca Trail once was not ...

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Narenra, Employee

I belong to a small village where most of people have never even seen an airplane or a train.

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Paula, Traveller

I want to share the story about my dream, a dream that came true with the help of G Adventures. ...

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Lana, Traveller

To say that G Adventures changed the direction of my life is a disservice. In other words, it is an ...

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Charin, Employee

Post-trip evaluations from travellers are the best resource for CEOs like me to evaluate what worked well and what areas ...

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Marilyn, Traveller

I walked into G Adventures, booked my ticket, and it changed my life.

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Paul, Photographer and Traveller

Back in 1993, I was tired and burned-out from work, and needed a vacation.

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Glynis, Traveller

What I loved about G Adventures was that we could choose trip styles and comfort levels to ensure that we ...

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Sue, Traveller

I waited until I retired to do most of my travelling. Worked for the mortgage.

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Beatriz, Traveller

I made my first trip with G Adventures in 2008... India was my dream country, and not feeling the mood ...

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Elizabeth, Traveller

Me and my best friend Emily did the Peru to Brazil Southern Cross adventure.

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Riaan, Traveller

We kept in touch via email, SMS and Skype. In April 2007, I invited Rocio for a holiday in South ...

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