Love Changing Lives

Lana, Traveller

To say that G Adventures changed the direction of my life is a disservice. In other words, it is an understatement.

In 2002, my first backpacking experience was the Volcano Trail tour. I began the tour as a timid young woman casting a prayer in an old colonial church in Antigua; I finished the tour as a fierce gladiator taming the rapids in Costa Rica.

Since that trip, I have travelled to 30 more countries. Without the residue that remained from my trip with G Adventures I would never have experienced the foreign delicacies of Haiti, Turkey, South Africa, Greece, Thailand, or Croatia.

I am currently in Australia completing my MBA with a concentration in Tourism. Ironically, I am writing a paper that examines the 'capital' of backpackers, how salaries should compensate for travel similar to education, and the intrinsic value travelling can serve for future entrepreneurs. Case in point: Bruce Poon Tip.

The Volcano Trail exists at the core of my travelling career from which, all other countries as well as my MBA stand only in the periphery. G Adventures intoduced me to the love of my, served the premise of all my intellectual property, and moulded my backbone so that it is resilient yet able to bend with change.

Oh yes, the Volcano Trail also taught me that Zip-Lock bags are the greatest asset to compartmentalize any expedition pack.

Much Love. Much Respect. Pura Vida.

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