Love Changing Lives

Narenra, Employee

I belong to a small village where most of people have never even seen an airplane or a train.

When I was in college I went on a trip that was organized by one of my friends. I felt so good on that trip that I thought to myself it would be great if I became a tour leader. So after college I got a PG Diploma in Tourism.

One year later I came to Delhi and joined G Adventures. I've been leading tours for three years now and my life has been changed forever. Now I can say to people that I work for a company that not only sell trips worldwide, but sells trips into space.

Before joined G Adventures I had two dreams, one was to go to Goa and the other was to visit Thailand. Today, I can't even count the number of times I've achieved my first goal and recently I went to Thailand on company business. I must tell you that I am the first person from my village who has flown in an airplane and traveled through India and abroad. But I know there are still plenty of dreams to fulfill with G Adventures. Thanks G Adventures for making me a better human being.

What else I can say about G Adventures, it’s an authentic travel company that was made by travelers, for travelers and organized by real travelers.

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