classic tours


What’s a ‘Classic’ tour?

G Adventures’ Classic trips provide meaningful small-group travel experiences to curious travellers eager to interact with the world as it truly is. Each one has been specifically designed to deliver an excellent balance of must-see travel highlights, spontaneous situations, insider access and under-the-radar encounters with local people and their culture you just can’t get by travelling on your own.

Why Classic with G Adventures?

Character-rich accommodations

We pick accommodations that reflect the character of the places you visit whenever possible. This could mean a handpicked downtown hotel one night, a unique homestay the next, and camping under the stars the night after that.

Freedom & independence

Curious to explore that cool market down the road or want to grab a table at that cozy café we just passed? Yeah, we can do that. We include the must-see highlights on most every trip, freeing up the rest of your time for exploring freely.

Local transport

Getting around like the locals do – ie buses, taxis, commuter trains, etc – keeps your trip price low and your cultural contact high. (And depending on where you are, "local transport" includes camels, horses, and rickshaws.)

Regional cuisine

We include some meals in the price of your trip and leave others wide open for you to discover the local fare on your own in deference to taste and budget (and your CEO is fully equipped with loads of ideas for everywhere you go).

Global groups

Our groups average about 12 travellers per departure, often a mix of solo travellers, friends travelling together and couples, all of varying ages and from all over the world. Come prepared to make plenty of new best friends.

Skilled CEOs

Each trip is led by an expert CEO (Chief Experience Officer) responsible for enriching your journey, offering local insight, pursuing great experiences as they happen and adding a unique personal perspective to the adventure.

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