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Pint-sized compared to their northern and southern neighbours, Central America and the Caribbean punch above their weight when it comes to wonders. The diversity of landscape, wildlife and culture packed into such a confined space is simply staggering, but there’s a huge benefit to being small: everything is close by, so you never, ever have to go without.

The Caribbean & Central America uncovered

There's way more to see and do in the Caribbean and Central America than we could possibly cover in a few paragraphs. Here's just a few of the you-really-had-to-be-there experiences from our trips in this part of the world.

Cuba | Viñales

Looking for the world’s finest cigars? Head directly to their birthplace in Cuba, where tobacco grows in the tropical red soil. But that’s not all that’s tropical – the stunning landscape is full of unique caves waiting to be explored.

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Costa Rica | Tortuguero

Yes, “Tortuguero” translates to “Land of the Turtles,” but what goes on around these parts when the reptiles are out of town? All kinds of stuff! Tag along with us as we explore this quirky little Costa Rican town and the thick jungles that envelop it.

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Mexico | Merida & the Cenotes

You may have thought you’d seen it all, but wait until you travel by horse cart into sinkholes in the Merida area of Mexico. There you’ll find freshwater pools with salt water sitting on the bottom, creating a unique floating experience when you go for a dip.

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