San Jose

Spacious, speedy and at your service

We know it’s always tough to choose between comfort and a good price. that’s why we have the san jose, so you wouldn’t have to choose. you’re welcome! this attractive 16-passenger ship boasts surprisingly spacious cabins for its size, and the large upper deck allows you to soak up as much of the ecuadorian sun as you need.

San Jose deckplans and information


The San Jose makes the most of its interior dimensions, combining roomy cabins and spacious exterior spaces that make you feel at home when you’re not out exploring the islands and their waters.


Snorkelling equipment and beach towels included at no extra charge. Wetsuits available for rent. Comprehensive breakfast and gourmet Ecuadorian and interna- tional cuisine prepared fresh daily. All meals on board included.


With seven dedicated G Adventures crewmembers and one naturalist guide familiar with the local flora and fauna and certified by the Galápagos National Park Service, there’s always someone available to answer your questions.

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