British Virgin Islands

Sailing British Virgin Islands

Pirates, palm trees, and peace

If you’re a sailor of any stripes, the British Virgin Islands are no doubt near the top of your must-sail list. This sunny stretch of islands has called to mariners for centuries, and its allure has never wavered. Why? Maybe it’s the balmy weather or the gorgeous mountains that tumble down into seemingly endless beaches. Maybe it’s allure of the tiny, deserted islands that can only be accessed by boat or the out-of-the-way snorkelling spots that feel all your own. Maybe it’s the adventuresome pirate spirit that permeates all aspects of life out here. Maybe you should quit reading this and come find out for yourself.

What’s up in the BVIs?

Small groups, big adventures

Our BVI catamaran is one of the smallest vessels in our worldwide fleet, but it’s anything but cramped. We keep our group sizes small so everyone has enough room to move about and bond together.

Cast of characters

There’s something about the Caribbean that brings out the best (and weirdest) in people. These islands are filled with unusual characters, and your CEO and local guides will help you meet them all.

Get yer “yaaargh” on

These islands were home to many a scurvy dog in their time, and on Norman Island, it feels like they never left. Bask on the beach, dreaming of buried treasure or sidle on up to the floating bar to tilt a pint o’ grog at a joint that takes piratey silliness very seriously.

Do it your way

Our BVI sailing program features plenty of built-in activities as well as more than enough time to do your own thing. Whether you opt to hit the clubs, hiking the mountains, laze it up on the beach, or try your hand at sailing, your days (and nights) are as full as you decide to make them.

Eight passengers, two hulls, zero limits

Davy Jones wouldn’t give us the keys to the Flying Dutchman, so we went with the next best thing: a cozy catamaran. A handsome 12m (40 ft) of double-hulled swiftness, our catamaran handles just like a yacht in case you decide to take a turn at the helm. There’s only room for eight on board, which means a higher incredibleness-per-traveller ratio than ought to legally be allowed.


  • 8 passengers


  • Eight double-occupancy cabins. Two toilets with two showers.


  • Skipper/CEO

Boat Layout

  • 12m (40 ft) sailing catamaran. Covered dining room, outdoor sitting and dining areas.

View from the Catamaran

Your ride in the BVI

Your comfy cabin

Dining room and lounge

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