Sailing Cuba

A hideaway from the everyday

Cuba can be a difficult country to get to know, but once it’s embraced you, it never, ever lets go. Most visitors confine themselves to the resorts and never get out to experience this colourful island as it truly is. Not us. Our connected CEOs know where to go and can’t wait to take you along for the ride, whether its by navigating the bustling streets and alleys of Havana or searching for an untouched beach along the coast. Cuba is the sort of place that doesn’t just get under you skin; it seeps into your bones. All you have to do is let it in.

What’s up in Cuba?

Locals know

Skip the preamble and dive right on into Cuba’s joyous culture with the help of a CEO who knows what’s where and how to get there. While others are trapped inside resorts, you’ll be experiencing Cuba as it’s meant to be.

All-inclusive done right

We put a different spin on “all-inclusive” in Cuba, getting you out into the countryside to meet the people who live here and set you loose to experience the local culture first-hand. Better still, you ship’s chef is an expert in the local cuisine, and knows how to whip up tasty authentic fare from local sources.

Live it up or loaf it up

Our Cuba Sailing trips work great as standalone trips of their own or as add-ons to other G Adventures trips within the region. Whether you make your time at sea an adventure or opt to take it slow and soak up the culture is entirely up to you.

Ride in style

Your home at sea on our Cuba Sailing trips is a smooth-riding, stable, and spacious catamaran. Lose yourself in a good book while soaking up the Caribbean sun on deck, or slip into the water for a snorkel just about anywhere you like.

Room to move, inside and out

With room for 14 passengers and a crew of three, our Cuban catamaran hits the sweet spot between spacious and cozy. Stylish looks spread across 24 m (79 ft) of twin-hulled sexiness, you’ll find plenty of interior and exterior space to lounge about when you’re not exploring Cuba’s shores or diving into her crystal-clear waters.


  • 14 passengers


  • Eight double-occupancy cabins. Eight toilets with nine showers

Boat Layout

  • 25m (82ft) sailing catamaran. Covered dining room, outdoor sitting and dining areas.


  • Skipper, chef, and CEO

Sailing impossibly blue waters

Chill out on deck

Your comfortable cabin

Sunset's never been this memorable

Cuba Sailing Tours