Island-hopping via catamaran across the Andaman and the Gulf

Most countries would be satisfied with just a single stretch of dazzling coastline. Not Thailand. Bordering both the glittering Andaman Sea and the gorgeous Gulf of Thailand, you’ve got to believe that Thai sailors go to sleep each night wearing the hugest grins. And after you’ve spent a few days here with us – jetting from island to impossibly beautiful island aboard an exclusive catamaran – you will, too.

Expert skippers & crew

With a fully-licensed skipper, cook and a dedicated CEO, we’ve got you covered. A three-person crew with dedicated roles means that each member has the time and freedom to do what they do best. In your CEO’s case, that’s making your trip the best it can be.

Thai food on tap

Thai takeout at home is great. Thai takeout prepared by a skilled chef and savoured on the deck of a catamaran in the glorious waters of Thailand itself? Yeah, that’s something else. Using fresh ingredients, your personal chef will whip up delicious feasts for you every day while you work up an appetite exploring the islands.

Escape the resorts

Thailand is a pretty popular place, which is a polite way of saying it can get a little crowded. Our catamaran sailing program is the best of its kind in Thailand, and offers a great way to intimately explore secluded bays and out-of-the-way islands far away from the madding crowds.

Remote access

Flexible itineraries allow us to seek out the snorkelling spots and out-of-the-way islands even the locals don’t know about.

Dynamic itineraries

Thailand is a fantastic country to explore, both by sea and on land. We don’t believe that you should have to choose one over the other. We offer full week-long sailing adventures and shorter four-day add-ons that match up perfectly with our land-based Thai trips. Don’t miss out; do both!

Thailand sailing deckplan and map

A peek inside our catamaran

With two hulls instead of one, catamarans offer a unique twist on the traditional cruise experience. our 82-footers handle like yachts (as you’ll find out should you opt to take over for the skipper for a spell), and with just 14 passengers spread across ample lounging-about space, they offer a comfortable and intimate way to travel.

Thailand Sailing Tours