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Lands of the free, home-away-from-home of the brave

A continent of breathtaking natural wonders and bustling cities linked up by miles of open highway, North America was tailor-made for road trips. The diversity afforded on each adventure here simply can’t be topped. Mountains, deserts, canyons, forests, big cities, ghost towns, drive-ins, hole-in-the-wall nightclubs… pick a direction, any direction; you’re guaranteed to find something amazing just down the road.

Road trippin’ North America

Roam far, roam free

Built specifically for value-conscious travellers eager to devour as much of North America as possible in one massive bite, these trips connect this amazing land’s far-flung national parks, sprawling cities, and must-do highlights via the open highway. And with a knowledgeable CEO at the wheel, all you have to do is enjoy the ride.

Who’s running the show?

Your trip will be led by a CEO hand-picked for their knowledge and familiarity of the terrain you’ll be exploring. The CEO drives for about six hours each day and will be helped out throughout the trip by regional experts who can really help you discover the nitty-gritty of your new favourite places. Keep in mind that North America is a really big place – New York to New Orleans alone is the equivalent of driving across most of Europe, and we cover that much ground in a single week.

What will we eat?

Your CEO will do the grocery shopping and the meal planning and travellers will help prepare meals from a full stock of supplies and fresh produce and meats. Local flavour is a huge part of North American road trips, and you’ll get the chance to dine on all sorts of stuff – jambalaya, lobster bake, Tex-Mex, poutine, whatever – when you’re not preparing meals at the campsite. Breakfasts are served buffet-style from a generous spread; lunches feature sandwiches, salads, and the odd barbecue; dinners are three-course meals. While camping, we don’t collect a food kitty, and in the cities, you’ll have the flexibility to eat where you like.

Getting around

Ranging from seven to 45 days in length, most road trips involve a mix of hotel stays in the cities and participatory camping in the Great Outdoors. You’ll get around via a fleet of new vans equipped with a place to charge your electronics and a safe place to store your gear. We cap group sizes at 13 passengers in order to keep things friendly and give everyone a little more legroom.

Rooms, tents, and gear

To keep everyone’s costs down, you’ll share your twin-bed hotel room and/or tent with another traveller. We use two-person tents with padded air mattresses, and all the gear (except sleeping bags and pillows) is included in the price of your trip. Most campsites feature toilets, tap water, and basic showers. Some campsites have more amenities, like shops, wi-fi access and laundry service.

We’re all in this together

Participatory camping means the travellers take care of themselves and each other. Duties – packing and unpacking, tidying up the vehicle, helping to cook, etc – are assigned daily and rotate amongst the group. Typically, you will set up your tent upon arrival and then either help out with the meal or clean up afterwards.

What if I’m travelling solo?

Because sometimes it’s just more convenient and comfortable to have your own room (or tent), we offer single travellers a “My Own Room/My Own Tent” option – a bit of privacy at a great price. Otherwise, we’ll pair you up with a same-sex roommate to help keep everyone’s costs down.

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