Mont Blanc

Traveller Reviews

  • This trip was awesome! I would highly recommend it to anyone who is relatively fit and is willing to push themselves to levels they didn't ...

    Edward K (July 02, 2009)
  • Excellent tour overall. Everything, the staff, the hiking routes, the scenery, the food was first rate.

    Robert C (July 02, 2009)
  • This was a fantastic trip! The hiking was tough, but really rewarding, and the scenery beautiful. Our group got along incredibly well, so in addition ...

    Anna M (July 02, 2009)

Majestic Mont Blanc towers 4,810m above sea level and its peak was first reached nearly 225 years ago. Arguably the highest mountain in Europe (some argue Mt. Elbrus in Russia), it is undeniably photogenic and represents one of the most enjoyable Alpine mountain trekking options. Nestled between Italy, France and Switzerland there are numerous routes up, and around, the mountain suited to different levels of trekkers.

We offer two Mont Blanc climbing options. First is our Trekking Mont Blanc, which is quite physically demanding and stays in mountain refuges. Second is our Mont Blanc Explorer tour which is completely hotel-based, with shorter, less demanding treks.

The G Adventures Difference on Mont Blanc

When it comes to Mont Blanc, we offer two exceptional tour options that let you experience the thrill of the mountain, with the charm of the towns and villages that dot it's slopes. Our Mont Blanc tour options include:

  • A tour suited to your physical capabilities - either go all out with a full trek around the mountain at high elevations, or chose our more relaxing tour which offers more lesiurely day-hikes and offers ample free time to explore.
  • Easy access - both Mont Blanc trips start and end at Chamonix, France - a popular, easily accessible locale.
  • Affordability - our tours are well priced and include a Chief Experience Officer throughout the tour, to ensure you're satisfied
  • An In-Depth Experience - both tours visit the French and Italian sides of the mountain, while our Trekking tour also visits Switzerland - giving you a broader Mont Blanc tour experience
  • Global Experience - G Adventures has become world renowned for offering innovative marine programs in the Galapagos, Brazil and Greece. Our growing Thailand program is unlike anything offered by any other company!

Mont Blanc Explorer

This 8-day tour is more relaxed, offering the best Alpine scenery and also visiting many of the best spots on our intense trekking tour, but at a much more leisurely pace. To get the most out of the mountain, our walking days still include outings that last 4-6 hours in length so sturdy hiking shoes and a certain level of fitness is still required.

The Chamonix and Courmayeur Valleys are our playground on this adventure, as we take intermediate hikes during the days to explore the countryside and villages and towns that dot the slopes of Mont Blanc.

If you prefer options to soak at the spa or in thermal baths, while enjoying some local cuisine and wine than perhaps this is the Mont Blanc tour for you! Plenty of free time allows you to take cable car or mountain train rides around Mont Blanc. If you do want a bit more physical adventure, there are plenty of activities to choose from including rafting, mountain biking and horseback riding.

Trekking Mont Blanc

Our intense 10-day trekking tour is rated at a Physical Demand level of five, our highest rating. People who have taken this tour sometimes say it is more intense than the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru!

For avid outdoor people and enthusiastic trekkers, this is the trip you want to take, spending 10-days circling the highest mountain in Western Europe! You'll cross France, Italy and Switzerland and stay in mountain refuges during your trek.

Meals are a big part of this tour, so bring some extra money along to load up on homemade foods, especially carbs...and maybe some great wine too after your well-deserved breaks.

This is our original Mont Blanc tour and includes a cable car ride to start the trek at Bellevue. The trek is also a photographers paradise with sweeping views and treks along the Vallée des Chapieux, Val Veny, Grandes Jorassses Ridge, the Bovine Way and Chamonix Valley - to name just a few highlights.

Glacial lakes, wild flowers and rivers, as well as mountain ridges and rustic villages will be your canvas of inspiration on this European adventure! Pack some well broken in boots and warm clothes! Trekking days typically last from 6-8 hours with our maximum altitude hitting 2537m when we cross the Grand Col Ferret before entering Switzerland.