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Cambodia Experience

The trip itself was excellently organized. The tour leader was fun and made the eye opening journey so much more enjoyable. Jennifer Man-Han T  Canadian

Essential China

We were very happy with the tour guide/s, our accomadation and the transportation too. Brian M  Canadian

Peru Panorama

We had a fantistic trip. Yessica was especially wonderful. Having someone from Peru was perfect. Chad T  USA

Great South American Journey - Andean Empire - Quito to La Paz

I had the most amazing time and our tour leader Fernando was great. Claudia T  USA

Cuba Colonial

I was hoping to acquire a cultural and economic understanding from a street level perspective, which the tour managed to provide very well. Brian R  Canadian

Tibet Adventure

The trip ran very smoothly and i thought i was able to gain the best experience possible from my trip.thank you Robert C  Japanese

Classic Peru

Vlady was well organised and made sure our group reached our destination on time at every location. I liked the fact that he took our group out for meals at local restaurants that were all served excellent food at good prices - he is a man of good taste! Joanne D  British

Budget Galapagos - 7 Day, g3

It was simply the BEST trip I ever took!!! Daniela B  Swiss

Spain and Portugal Highlights

I very much enjoyed the tour. The number of people (15) was excellent and allowed us to get to know the other travellers a little better than we could have on a larger tour. I appreciated being housed in small hotels which were located in the old sections of the cities that we visited. This allowed for a more local flavour to the tour than larger chain hotel would do. These local hotels were also closer to the areas that I wished to visit for my sightseeing. It was a very enjoyable experience Dorothy F  Canadian

Costa Rica Adventure

I had so much fun! I went into this experience with no expectations so that I would be open to whatever happened, I couldn't have planned this better myself. I feel so fortunate to have been a part of it, I met wonderful people and saw parts of Costa Rica that I never would have ventured to on my own. I felt as if, I really experienced something special. It was one of the best holidays I have ever been on and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is up for an adventure. Nicole M  USA