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Cape Town to Nairobi

The whole African experience is easily the best part of my Round-The-World trip. A truly amazing adventure that I will never ever forget.

- Jon A British

Cape Town to Nairobi

The encounter of wildlife was just amazing.

- Nicole S Canadian

Cape Town to Nairobi

Despite the many long days and vast distances traveled it was worth it to be able to see such wonderful sites, people and animals at such advantageous and close proximity. Staying in hotels could not achieve the value of the experiences we encountered

- Adrian M British

Cape Town to Nairobi

Great range of activities to do and things to see. A great adventure - loved the lot.

- Janice W Australian

Cape Town to Nairobi

Overall, I was satisfied. The tour met or exceeded expectations with good value for money spent.

- Donna M Canadian

Cape Town to Nairobi

This was a truly fantastic trip, one that ran very smoothly, whilst being able to experience and enjoy many parts of Africa.

- Benjamin J British