ANZAC Day Memorial Tour

Trip Details

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Travel Visas

All countries require a valid passport (with a minimum 6 months validity). Contact your local embassy, or consulate for the most up-to-date visa requirements, or see your travel agent. It is your own responsibility to have the correct travel documentation. Visa requirements for your trip will vary depending on where you are from and where you are going. We keep the following information up to date as far as possible, but rules do change and sometimes without warning. While we provided the following information in good faith, it is vital that you check yourself and understand that you are fully responsible for your own visa requirements.

****BEFORE APRIL 9, 2014
Some nationalities may obtain a visa for Turkey on arrival at the airport until April 9th, 2014. Please get into the line to get your visa before going through passport control.

An entry visa is required for citizens of the following countries (not limited to this list):
- U.S.A (US$20),
- Canada (US$60 on arrival; CAD$75 for advance application)
- U.K. (US$20; US$45 for advance application)
- Australia (US$20 on arrival)
- Austria, Belgium, Holland, Ireland, Israel, Portugal & Spain (varies from US$10-100)

Visa costs can change at any time and with little notice depending on the political climate of the region.

For country specific visa information we recommend the following link:

****AFTER APRIL 9, 2014:

Passengers travelling to Turkey for tourism or trade can purchase an electronic visa prior to entering the country. This electronic visa will replace the “sticker” and “stamp-type” visas issued at Turkish points of entry.

This e-visa can be obtained by visiting the website:

Your passport must be valid for 6 months on the date that you enter Turkey. Length of validity of your visa is dependent on your nationality, but is commonly 3 months.

For country specific visa information we recommend the following link: