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Valid for all trips departing January 1st, 2014 - December 31st, 2014 Last Updated: September 30, 2014
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There's something indefinitely alluring about the mysteries of ancient Egypt. From the ruins to the mummies to the mythology behind the pyramids, this is a trip that no archaeology or history buff should miss. This 19-day trip is packed full of highlights of not just Egypt but of Jordan, including visits to Petra, Kerak Castle and the Dead Sea. With internal flights taken care of and comfortable accommodations awaiting you every night, you can sit back and focus on the ancient wonders hidden in the desert.

  • Marvel at ancient Egyptian archaeological sites and ruins
  • Savour a traditional dinner in a local family's home
  • Visit a Planeterra-supported library project
  • Explore ancient Petra with a local expert
  • Overnight in a desert camp and learn about the ancient Bedouin culture
Duration: 19 days
Start/Finish City: Cairo to Amman
Service Level: Upgraded
  • All the adventure you want, with a softer landing
  • Handpicked, character-rich accommodations with upgraded amenities services
  • Upgraded and private transport, including flights to maximize time
  • More included meals, activities and transfers
Physical Grading: 2
There'll be some light walking and hiking. Suitable for most fitness levels. Nothing too challenging.
Travel Style: Comfort
Great adventures with a few extra frills along the way.

Looking for a little extra from your adventure but don’t want to skip out on all the genuine experiences? Comfort is your ticket. These trips offer upgraded accommodations and more inclusions while still delivering plenty of freedom to pursue spontaneous situations on your own.

Please note: The Comfort Travel Style is a renamed edition of the G-Plus, our collection of comfort-themed adventures. Same great trips, more descriptive name!

Trip Type: Small Group
Group trips average 12 travellers per departure, depending on the adventure. The maximum is usually no more than 16, but some can be smaller or bigger, depending on the trip. Check individual trips for details.


Route map for Egypt and Jordan Explorer (DPEX)

Day 1 Cairo

You are welcome to arrive in Cairo at any time, as today is a designated arrival day with no planned activities. Please note that there will be an important welcome meeting this evening at our joining hotel. Please check the hotel notice board for more information on the location of this meeting or ask at reception. Please bring your passport and travel insurance documents to this meeting, as you will be required to fill out some important pre-trip admin documents.Your tipping kitty will be collected as this time (please refer to the "tipping" section of these notes for more information). After learning more about our tour and plans for the following day, you are welcome to join our leader and your travelling companions for an optional dinner nearby.

If you arrive early there are plenty of things to see and do in this amazing city. Visit the Saladin Citadel of Cairo one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, or to really get a feel for the place, get lost in the bazaars and join the locals for a coffee in a local cafe.

Day 2 Alexandria (1B)

We begin Day 2 with one of the real highlights of any visit to Egypt, the Great Pyramids of Giza. While once located in remote desert, they now touch the suburbs of modern Cairo. No matter how many photos or documentaries you have seen, your first glimpse of these marvels of the ancient world will take your breath away. As a qualified Egyptologist, your tour leader is able to expertly explain the facts and myths behind these three mammoth works of art. You will also visit the mysterious Sphinx, with its lion’s body and man’s face. Time permitting, there may be the chance to see inside one of the two smaller pyramids, take a ride around the pyramids on camel back or visit the fascinating Solar Boat Museum, which displays on of the pharaoh’s funerary barges - it may just be the oldest boat in existence! (NB extra entrance fees apply for all of these sites/activities).

This afternoon we drive by private bus to Alexandria, where we will spend the following two evenings.

Day 3 Alexandria (1B)

On Day 3, we have plenty of time to explore all the incredible sites this ancient city has to offer. Founded by Alexander the Great around 331BC, Egypt's only Mediterranean city is characterized by a distinctly European atmosphere and refreshing sea breezes.

Fort Qaitbay was considered one of the most important defensive strongholds along the Mediterranean Sea coast. It formulated an important part of the fortification system of Alexandria in the fifteenth century AD.
Situated at the entrance of the eastern harbour on the eastern point of Pharos Island, it was erected on the exact site of the famous Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. In the fourteenth century there was a very destructive earthquake and the whole building was completely destroyed and the fortification you see today was built in its place.

Our next visit is to Pompey's Pillar. The name "Pompey's Pillar" is actually a misnomer, as it has nothing to do with Pompey, having been erected in 293 for Emperor Diocletian, possibly in memory of the rebellion of Domitius Domitianus.

Next we head to the Catacomb of Komel-Shokafa. These tombs were tunneled into the bedrock in the age of the Antonine Emperors (second century AD) for a single wealthy family still practicing the ancient religion. They represent the last existing major construction of the old Egyptian religion.

Our final stop is the new Alexandria Library. The Ancient Library of Alexandria was probably the largest and certainly the most famous of the libraries of the ancient world. It flourished during Greek rule and functioned as a major centre of scholarship, at least until the time of the Roman conquest of Egypt, and probably for many centuries thereafter. The old library was destroyed in a fire around the first century BC. The magnificent new Library was opened in 2002 very near the site of the ancient one.

Don't miss the chance to enjoy a seafood dinner at one of the city's many outdoor seaside restaurants this evening.

Estimated Travel Time:
Cairo to Alexandria, 4 hrs

Day 4 Cairo/overnight train (2B,1D)

On our return to Cairo we will make a stop at the monasteries of Wadi Natrun. The history of the Wadi and its importance to Coptic Christians dates back to the fourth century AD and they constitute some of the earliest Christian monasteries in the world. Please note that you should be modestly dressed this morning with shoulders and knees covered for our visit to the monastery.

There will be time to grab a quick lunch before our afternoon visit to the Egyptian Museum. With over 10,000 pieces from every period of Egyptian history, including the treasures from the tomb of Tutankhamun, the display can be a bit daunting. Your tour leader will direct you to the most important and magnificent items. There is also plenty of free time for you to explore on your own, including a chance to visit the famed Mummy Room where you can view the ancient remains of some of Egypt’s most important rulers (NB Extra entrance charges apply).

In the evening, we will transfer to the railway station to board our first class sleeper train. Our accommodation will be in comfortable twin-share bunk-bed compartments with lockable doors. The beds convert into seats when not in use and luggage is stored under the bottom bunk. Bedding is provided and there is a small wash basin with soap and towel provided. Shared toilet facilities are at the end of each carriage. A simple “airline style” dinner is provided, but most guests prefer to eat before boarding the train. Non Alcoholic Drinks are available to be purchased and there is a bar car for socialising. In the morning you will be brought a simple continental style breakfast around two hours before arrival.

Overnight on the sleeper train .

Estimated Travel Time:
Alexandria to Cairo, 4 hrs (private van)
Cairo to Aswan, 12 hrs (overnight train)

Days 5-6 Aswan (2B,1L,2D)

Aswan has a distinctively African feel to it. Small enough to walk around and graced with the most beautiful setting on the Nile, the pace of life is slow and relaxing. Spend time strolling up and down the broad Corniche watching the sailboats etch the sky with their tall masts or sitting in floating restaurants listening to Nubian music and eating freshly caught fish.

Late in the afternoon, we will board a local boat, known as a felucca, to take a trip along the Nile with views of the Agha Khan Mausoleum and Kitchener Island. Named after the British general Horatio Kitchener, the island is known for its botanical garden and the exotic plants he planted there 100 years ago, which continue to flourish today. Our final stop is the home of our felucca captain and the largest of the Nile islands in this area, Elephantine Island. We take a walk through the village and fields to learn more about the life of the Nubian people, before enjoying a traditional dinner at a local home.

Early on the morning of Day 6 we travel by plane to the magnificent temple of Abu Simbel. It is hard to believe that this marvellous temple, built by Ramses II between 1274 and 1244BC, would now be under Lake Nasser if modern engineering had not been put to work. These are perhaps Egypt's most splendid temples! In the afternoon, we return to Aswan.

In the afternoon we will check-in to our Nile cruise boat, your home for the next three days. Our cruise boat is modern and comes prepared with everything you need for an enjoyable few nights on the Nile. The cabins are twin-share and comfortably equipped with air-conditioning and full ensuite bathrooms. There is a dining room and a very small gym. The entire top deck of the boat is for lounging, swimming in the rooftop pool or just relaxing and watching life on the Nile go by. The ship actually covers remarkably little distance as all ships must, by law, dock each evening. It is more in line with a "floating hotel" than a traditional cruise.

Overnight in Aswan hotel night 5, night 6 is aboard your Nile Cruise boat.

Estimated Travel Time:
Aswan to Abu Simbel, 25mins each way (flight time)

Days 7-8 Nile River Cruise (2B,2L,2D)

Following breakfast on Day 7, we set sail. Before too long it is time for our first shore excursion, with a visit to the temple of Kom Ombo, a temple dedicated to Sobek the Crocodile god and which still contains an ancient mummified crocodile! After returning to the boat we take our lunch and continue sailing. In the afternoon, we will have another excursion in Edfu, travelling by horse-drawn buggy to visit the well preserved Temple of Horus. Day 8, Our boat will moor overnight just outside of Luxor this evening.

Overnight on our Nile cruise boat both evenings.

Days 9- 10 Luxor (2B,1D)

After checking-in to our hotel, our day starts with a visit to the exciting ancient sites located on Luxor's West Bank. We begin with the two mammoth statues of Amenophis II at the Colossi of Memnon. These statues used to stand at the front of a temple, which is no longer in existence. They were famous since Greek times as they used to make a unique "singing" noise. You can even see ancient graffiti discussing this on the statues, from travellers of old!

Next stop is the famous Valley of the Kings. While the treasure has now all gone, the tombs contain the most incredible paintings of the life of their encumbent and stories from the Book of the Dead. There is also the option to visit the the Tomb of Tutankhamun, whose treasures you saw at the Egyptian Museum. We finish our tour with the spectacular temple of Queen Hatshepsut, a reminder of the power women held in the Ancient Kingdom. We also enjoy the unique experience of visiting a Planeterra-supported library and community education centre, and then visit a local family in their home for a traditional meal. On Day 10 with an excursion to the magnificent temple of Karnak.
*If you have pre-booked the Valley of the Kings Hot Air Balloon Ride you will be flying on Day 9.

Luxor has so many activities to offer. Don't miss the small but beautiful Luxor Museum or the interesting Mummification Museum, teaching you everything you ever wanted to know about this ancient art and including a great collection of animal mummies. Stroll along the Nile corniche and shop for a bargain in Luxor's bazaar. Haggle hard though, as Luxor locals are famous for their business skills! In the evening, we return to the boat for dinner and a final night onboard.

Day 11 Cairo (1B)

After breakfast we will transfer to Luxor Airport for a short flight back to Cairo. Upon arrival in Cairo, the choice is yours. Visit the Khan El Khalili Bazaars, legendary for fine brassware, copper, perfumes, leather, silver, gold, antiques and more; head out to Cairo's most ancient area, Coptic Cairo; or perhaps relax by the hotel pool. An optional farewell dinner and show on one of Cairo’s famous floating restaurants is available and highly recommended as a great way to round off your visit.

Estimated Travel Time:
Luxor to Cairo, 1hr (flight time)

Day 12 Cairo/Amman (1B)

Bid farewell to your Egyptian CEO and transfer to the airport for our flight to Amman, Jordan. Transfer to the hotel and meet your new CEO this evening.

Day 13 Jerash/Dead Sea (1B,1D)

After breakfast we set off on our half day trip to Jerash, a fascinating place and one of the largest and most well preserved Roman sites outside of Italy. Its paved and colonnaded streets, soaring hilltop temples, handsome theatres, spacious public squares and plazas, baths, fountains and city walls pierced by towers and gates remain in exceptional condition. The drive takes less than an hour each way, but will transport you some 2000 years back in time.

Next, we head to the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is actually a lake, without any from of life whatsoever existing in its waters. The water is so dense that it is practically impossible to sink, being five to ten times as salty as regular sea water. We base ourselves at a resort where you will have access to the beach. While swimming, cover yourself with the sea's mud, which is reputed to have special healing powers, and don't forget to take a photo of yourself reading a book while floating! You will notice that the salt penetrates any cuts on your body and has an unusual smell, but there are showers to wash off under after swimming. Afterwards, relax under an umbrella next to one of the fresh water swimming pools or enjoy the other facilities at your resort hotel. Why not indulge in an optional massage or one of the other range of health and beauty therapies available.

Tonight, enjoy an included buffet dinner at our hotel. Overnight at Dead Sea in a comfortable resort style hotel.

Approx travel times: Amman to Jerash, 2hrs (return); Amman to Dead Sea, 2hrs

Day 14 Mt Nebo/Madaba/Karak Castle/Wadi Musa (1B)

We depart early today for the long but very interesting drive by way of the King's Highway to Petra. Our first stop is Mount Nebo, which is believed by many to be the site of Moses' death and has thus been a center for pilgrimage since the earliest Christian times. Enjoy stunning views from the summit of the surrounding countryside and into Israel in the distance.

The town of Madaba has some of the finest Byzantine mosaics in the world including the famous sixth century mosaic map of Palestine. We also visit several other churches, the Archaeological Park and local museum, all containing stunning mosaics and information about the history of this center of early Christianity. Afterwards, we visit Karak Castle, the largest late Islamic castle in Jordan. It was initially constructed in the Crusader period and expanded and refortified during the Ayyubid and Mamluk periods. We will arrive in the early evening at Wadi Musa, the town on the outskirts of Petra, where we will spend the night.

Overnight at a comfortable hotel in Wadi Musa (Petra township)

Approx travel times: Dead Sea to Wadi Musa (Petra), 10hrs (including stops for visits en route)

Day 15-16 Petra (2B,1D)

We have two full days to explore this wonderful site. After breakfast at the hotel on Day 15, we depart for a full day tour of Petra. Upon arrival at the entrance to the site you will begin an unforgettable walk through the narrow canyon that forms the dramatic entrance to the city (the siq), until you round the final corner and are greeted by the unforgettable view of the dramatic façade of the Treasury building. Our guide will give a brief history of this city that the Nabateans carved from the living rock of the surrounding mountains. The site is large, but you can set your own pace depending on the weather and the interests of the group.

This evening we head to a local restaurant where you will be given a cooking demonstration with some hands on demonstrations, of some local dishes, finally eating your creations as a delicious dinner.

Day 16 is free for you to return and explore Petra at your own pace. You may prefer to spend some quality time relaxing around the hotel's pool.

Overnight two nights in our comfortable accommodation in Wadi Musa (Petra township)

Day 17 Wadi Rum (1B,1L,1D)

After breakfast at the hotel, we make our way to Al Beidha, also known as Little Petra. This site is literally hidden away in a mountain and this miniature version of Petra contains a number of notable tombs and offers a glimpse of Petra without the crowds.

Later we drive to Wadi Rum, a vast, silent landscape of ancient riverbeds and the largest and most magnificent of Jordan's desert landscapes. Now the home of several Bedouin tribes, Wadi Rum has been inhabited for generations. These hospitable and friendly desert people are settled in Wadi Rum in scattered nomadic camps throughout the area.

We enjoy lunch before heading deep into the desert on a four hour 4x4 vehicle.
Afterwards we enjoy a local lunch at Wadi Rum before head to our comfortable tented camp, where we will enjoy a traditional meal for our Dinner and learn more about this ancient culture.

Overnight in tented camp Wadi Rum.

Approx travel times: Wadi Musa to Wadi Rum, 2hrs

Day 18 Amman (1B,1D)

This morning we return to Amman by way of the Desert Highway. Tonight, we head out together to enjoy a final dinner together to celebrate the end of a wonderful journey.

Overnight in Amman.

Approx travel times: Wadi Rum to Amman, 3.5 hrs

Day 19 Amman (1B)

You are free to depart at any time today. Please note that check-out time from the hotel is normally mid-morning, but luggage storage facilities are available. We are able to organise extra post-trip accommodation if you wish to extend your stay for a few more days. Please ask at the time of booking.

What's Included

Arrival transfer. All entrance fees to included sites. Guided tour of the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. Tour the Alexandria Library, Catacombs and Pompey’s Pillar. Guided tour of the Egyptian Museum. Flights and guided visit to Abu Simbel. Felucca sail to a Nubian village with community walk and local dinner. 3-night Nile Cruise. Guided tours to Kom Ombo and Edfu Temples. Visit to the Colossi of Memnon. Guided tour of the Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut and Karnak Temples. Visit a Planeterra-supported library and community education centre. Dinner in a local family's home. Guided tour of Jerash. Visit to the Dead Sea. Tour the Madaba mosaics. Visit Mount Nebo. Guided visit to Kerak Castle. Petra 2-day entrance and 1-day guided tour. Cooking demonstration and dinner in Wadi Musa township. Visit Little Petra. Wadi Rum 4x4 jeep excursion and local lunch with overnight in a desert camp. All transport between destinations and to/from included activities.


Marvel at ancient Egyptian archaeological sites and ruins, savour a traditional dinner in a local family's home, visit a Planeterra-supported library project, explore ancient Petra with a local expert, overnight in a desert camp and learn about the ancient Bedouin culture

Dossier Disclaimer

The information in this trip details document has been compiled with care and is provided in good faith. However it is subject to change, and does not form part of the contract between the client and the operator. The itinerary featured is correct at time of printing. It may differ slightly to the one in the brochure. Occasionally our itineraries change as we make improvements that stem from past travellers, comments and our own research. Sometimes it can be a small change like adding an extra meal along the itinerary. Sometimes the change may result in us altering the tour for the coming year. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with the most rewarding experience. Please note that our brochure is usually released in November each year. If you have booked from the previous brochure you may find there have been some changes to the itinerary.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you print a final copy of your Trip Details to review a couple of days prior to travel, in case there have been changes that affect your plans.

Itinerary Disclaimer

While it is our intention to adhere to the route described below, there is a certain amount of flexibility built into the itinerary and on occasion it may be necessary, or desirable to make alterations. The itinerary is brief, as we never know exactly where our journey will take us. Due to our style of travel and the regions we visit, travel can be unpredictable. The Trip Details document is a general guide to the tour and region and any mention of specific destinations or wildlife is by no means a guarantee that they will be visited or encountered. Aboard expedition trips visits to research stations depend on final permission.

Additionally, any travel times listed are approximations only and subject to vary due to local circumstances.

Important Notes

1. If you arrive a day or two early in Cairo and wish to do some excursions, we recommend that you wait until you get to the joining hotel and contact our local staff for more information on available tours and excursions. Tourists are frequently over-charged for excursions bought from vendors on the street or at the airport.

2. Depending on the lunar cycle, Ramadan will fall between June 28 and July 27, 2014. Please note that Ramadan is a month of fasting observed by Muslims throughout the world, during which time the followers of Islam should not eat or drink between sunrise and sunset. There may be some limitations to services and disruptions to schedules during Ramadan in Muslim areas, but generally our tours still operate effectively during this period and food is available to non-muslims throughout the day. It is very important to display increased cultural sensitivity during Ramadan. Please wear loose fitting clothes, that cover knees and shoulders, and try to avoid eating, drinking or smoking in public out of respect for those who can't at that time.

3. The overnight train to Aswan has comfortable twin-share accommodation. The ticket includes an airline-style tray dinner and breakfast in your cabin and all bedding is provided. The journey time is approximately 12 hours.

4. Rest assured that the quality of the cruise boats that we select for our customers is excellent, as is the service onboard. We personally select cruise boats that we have been onboard ourselves and know from first-hand experience what to expect. You too will appreciate our choice selection.

5. Please note that this trip is a combination of multiple G Adventures tours. As such, the staff and/or particular vehicles operating your tour may change between tour segments. You may also expect some group members to join or leave the tour, between tour segments. You will have different CEO's in Egypt and in Jordan.

6. Looking to add to your experience? Check out our Theme Packs! Specially designed for travellers with unique interests, theme packs are optional add-ons to your G adventures trip that make your adventure more you-centric. Theme Packs must be booked prior to departure, please see details in our optional activities field and ask you sales CEO.

Please note, an Assumption of Risk is to be signed at the time of confirming your tour.

Group Leader Description

This G Adventures group trip is accompanied by one of our group leaders. The aim of the group leader is to take the hassle out of your travels and to help you have the best trip possible. They will provide information on the places you are travelling through, offer suggestions for things to do and see, recommend great local eating venues and introduce you to our local friends. While not being guides in the traditional sense you can expect them to have a broad general knowledge of the countries visited on the trip, including historical, cultural, religious and social aspects. We also use local guides where we think more specific knowledge will add to the enjoyment of the places we are visiting - we think it's the best of both worlds.

Group Size Notes

Max 16, Avg 10.

Meals Included

18 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 10 dinners.


Eating is a big part of traveling. Travelling with G Adventures you experience the vast array of wonderful food that is available out in the world. Generally meals are not included in the trip price when there is a choice of eating options, to give you the maximum flexibility in deciding where, what and with whom to eat. It also gives you more budgeting flexibility, though generally food is cheap. Our groups tend to eat together to enable you to taste a larger variety of dishes and enjoy each other's company. There is no obligation to do this though. Your CEO will be able to suggest favourite restaurants during your trip. The above information applies to G Adventures group trips. For Independent trips please check the itinerary for details of meals included. For all trips please refer to the meals included and budget information for included meals and meal budgets.

Meal Budget

Allow USD350-400 for meals not included.


Private air-conditioned van, train, Nile cruise boat, plane, 4x4, walking.

About our Transportation

For the driving portions of this trip we will travel by air-conditioned private minivan for most of the journeys. En route to Wadi Rum and our desert camp we will travel in 4x4 vehicles.

Local Flights

All local flights and the flight between Egypt and Jordan are included in the cost of your tour unless otherwise noted. It is important that we have your passport information at the time of booking in order to process these tickets. Internal flight tickets are issued locally and will be given to you prior to the flight departure.
There is only one domestic carrier in Egypt - Egypt Air.
The domestic flight maximum weight allowance for Egypt Air is 20 kg.

Solo Travellers

We believe single travellers should not have to pay more to travel so our group trips are designed for shared accommodation and do not involve a single supplement. Single travellers joining group trips are paired in twin or multi-share accommodation with someone of the same sex for the duration of the trip. Some of our Independent trips are designed differently and single travellers on these itineraries must pay the single trip price.


Comfort hotels (13 nts), Nile cruise boat (3 nts), sleeper train (1 nt), comfort desert camp (1 nt).

My Own Room Exceptions

Night 4, Overnight train.

About Accommodation

On this trip we will stay in comfortable local hotels. Rooms will be on a twin-share basis unless you have booked our My Own Room service. You can expect the rooms to have air-conditioning, private bathrooms and breakfast will be included daily. Some hotels may also have swimming pools and/or other recreational facilities.

The overnight train is a modern air-conditioned sleeper train with twin-share bunk-bed compartments. There is no shower in the cabin, but each cabin does have a sink. The shared toilet is located at the end of each carriage. A basic airline-style tray meal for dinner and breakfast is included. Attendants can serve drinks in your compartment at extra cost and there is a bar car for socialising.

Our Nile cruise boat is modern with many of the amenities of our comfortable hotels. Cabins are twin/double with air-conditioning and private bathrooms. Facilities on board include a large single-sitting restaurant, lounge with bar and sun deck with small pool. Often our cruise boats are referred to as "floating hotels" as the actual sailing distance covered is not great and Egyptian law requires that all boats dock overnight.

Joining Hotel

Mercure Le Sphinx Hotel
1 , Alexandria Desert Road, Giza, Cairo
Tel.:+20(0)2 33776444
Fax. :+20(0)2 33774930

Joining Instructions

An arrival transfer is included with your tour when you arrive on Day 1, or when you arrive up to three days prior to the tour, provided that you have booked your pre-accommodation through G Adventures at our joining hotel. Due to customer experience and quality considerations, all services related to the tour must be continuous.

Please look for the G Adventures representative, who will be holding a G Adventures sign. They will meet you in the arrival hall. If your name will not be on the G Adventures sign, please ask the driver whom they are there to meet.

Unfortunately there have been cases of people mis representing themselves as G Adventures representatives. Please check that your driver knows your name and the hotel you are going to. If in doubt ask them to ring their manager to confirm your transfer.

If the G Adventures representative is not there at first, please wait up to 30 minutes, and then proceed to take a taxi, or call the emergency contact numbers below for further details.

A taxi should cost no more than 100-120EGP (USD17-20) and you will need to bargain with the driver to get this price. There is no need to pay any other tip/payment at the end of your taxi journey even if the driver asks for one.
Arriving into Jordan
An arrival transfer is included, please look for the G Adventures representative, who will be holding a G Adventures sign. They will meet you after you pass through customs in the arrival hall.
Unfortunately there have been cases of people mis representing themselves as G Adventures representatives. For this reason we do not put individuals names on this sign. Please check that the person meeting you knows your name and the hotel you are going to. If in doubt ask them to ring their manager to confirm your transfer.

If the G Adventures representative is not there at first, please wait up to 30 minutes, and then proceed to take a taxi, or call our local staff at +962 (6) 4642034 (office hours) or +962 79 5535879 (24 hours) who will assist you in getting to the start hotel.

Arrival Complications

We don't expect any problems and nor should you, but if for any reason you are unable to commence your trip as scheduled, as soon as possible please contact your joining hotel, requesting that you speak to or leave a message for your CEO (if you are not on a group tour please refer to the emergency contact details provided in this dossier). If you are unable to get in touch with your leader, please refer to our emergency contact details. If you have not made contact with our airport transfer representative within 30 minutes of clearing customs and immigration, we recommend that you make your own way to the joining hotel or contact our local representatives (see emergency contact details) who will assist you in reaching the joining hotel.

Emergency Contact

Should you need to contact us during a situation of dire need, it is best to first call either the G Adventures Local Representative (if one is listed below) or our G Adventures Local Office. If for any reason you do not receive an immediate answer, please leave a detailed message and contact information, so they may return your call and assist you as soon as possible.

If you have purchased an arrival through G Adventures or if an arrival transfer is included in the cost of your tour, please note that:

Your arrival transfer has been arranged based on flight information provided to us. If you are advised of a flight schedule change within 48 hours of your scheduled arrival time, we will do our best to rearrange your arrival transfer however we cannot guarantee this. If your arrival transfer does not arrive within 30 minutes after you have exited the arrivals area please take a taxi to your start point hotel. 

G Adventures Local Representative (Cairo, Egypt)
During office hours (Sun-Thu,10am to 6pm local time): +20 233 77 88 30 or +20 233 77 88 31
After hours Emergency number: +20 122 221 16 99 (Mohammed)

G Adventures Middle East Manager
Emergency number: : +20 122 221 16 99 -Mohammed (Cairo, Egypt)

If your call is specifically concerning Amman Airport Transfer complications please call our local G Adventures Transfer provider directly at: +962 79 5535879

G Adventures Local Representative (Amman, Jordan)
During office hours (Sun-Thurs 9am-5pm Local Time) : +962 (6) 4642034 or 4636944 or 4656647/8
After hours Emergency number: +962 79 553 5879

If you are unable for any reason to contact our local office, please call the numbers listed below, which will connect you directly with our 24 hour Sales team, who will happily assist you.

Toll-free, North America only: 1 888 800 4100
Calls from UK: 0844 272 0000
Calls from Germany: 01805 70 90 30 00
Calls from Australia: 1 300 796 618
Calls from New Zealand: 0800 333 307
Outside North America, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and the UK: +1 416 260 0999

Finishing Point Instructions

We are able to organise extra accommodation post-trip should you require it. Please enquire at the time of booking.

What to Take

You will be on the move a lot, so our advice is to pack as lightly as possible. Your baggage should be clearly labelled and restricted to one backpack, soft compact suitcase, or sports bag (maximum 15kg) plus a daypack. Luggage limits on airlines are strictly enforced and space on vehicles is limited. Porters are not often available, so be prepared to carry your own bags. It is important to pack clothes for warm to hot days and cool evenings. A set of smart casual clothes is also advisable.


Suggested Items:
•Light fleece top
•Light windproof/waterproof jacket
•Small towel and swimwear
•Sun hat
•Personal clothing for mild to hot weather (See also "What to Take" and "Local Dress" sections of this dossier)
•Hiking boots/sturdy walking shoes
•Sport sandals
•Toiletries (biodegradable)
•Watch or alarm clock
•Water bottle
•Money belt
•First-aid kit (should contain lip salve, Aspirin, bandaids, anti-histamine,
Imodium or similar tablets for mild cases of diarrhea, rehydration powder, insect
repellent, extra prescription drugs you may be taking)

Optional Items:
•Camera and film
•Reading/writing material
•Cover for backpacks

•Passport (with photocopies)
•Travel insurance (with photocopies)
•Airline tickets (with photocopies)
•EUR/USD cash
•Credit or debit card (see personal spending money)
•G Adventures vouchers, pre-departure information and dossier
•Any entry visas or vaccination certificates required


Laundry facilities are offered by some of our hotels for a charge. There is laundry available on the ship for a fee. There will be times when you may want to or have to do your own laundry so we suggest you bring non-polluting/biodegradable soap.


Many nationalities including all Western European and Arab countries, USA, Australia and New Zealand are able to obtain a one-month single entry visa on arrival at Cairo International airport or at the Egyptian land border.
Look for windows (marked "banks") selling these visas in the area where you line up to have your passport stamped. You need to get the visa before entering the passport line. The visa is a sticker which you need to stick into your passport before handing it to the authorities for stamping.
The cost is USD25 or equivalent in EUR/GBP. All change will be given to you in Egyptian Pounds.
Please note that for other nationalities it is necessary to organise your visa before you travel. It is vital that you check the conditions attached to your particular passport and make the necessary arrangements in advance.
Jordan visa can be obtained on arrival at land and airport borders for most nationalities for a fee of 40 JOD. While most travellers are not required to obtain their visa in advance, there are exceptions and you must check the requirements of your particular passport. While we provide this information in good faith, your visa is your responsibility. If you are departing Jordan by Air, then no departure tax is required as it is already included on the air ticket. If you are departing Jordan by land then you will be required to pay an 8 JOD departure tax .

All countries require a valid passport (with a minimum 6 months validity). Contact your local embassy, or consulate for the most up-to-date visa requirements, or see your travel agent. It is your own responsibility to have the correct travel documentation. Visa requirements for your trip will vary depending on where you are from and where you are going. We keep the following information up to date as far as possible, but rules do change and sometimes without warning. While we provide the following information in good faith, it is vital that you check yourself and understand that you are fully responsible for your own visa requirements.

Detailed Trip Notes


Important Note on US Dollars: US Dollars that are series 1996 or earlier are not accepted and very difficult to change in regions of North, East and Southern Africa, as there are a lot of forgeries in circulation.

The winter months are from October to March and are characterized by cold nights and pleasant days. Summer is from April to September and is characterized by an increasing dry heat and dust. It rains generally only in short bursts in the period from the beginning of November until March.

Local Currency
The official unit of currency in Egypt is the Egyptian pound (EGP).

Egypt uses 220V, 50Hz and plugs are two-pronged rounded.

Arabic (in Egyptian dialect) is the official language of Egypt.
Official Languages: Arabic, English (secondary to Arabic)

Religions: Muslim 94%, Christian 5%

Time Zone: GMT +2 | US EST +7

Electricity: 220 Volts, 50 AC

Currency: Jordanian Dinar (JOD)

International Dialing Code: 00962

Climate: The climate depends on which part of the country you are in, as altitude ranges from 400m (1312ft) below average sea level at the Dead Sea, to 1850m above sea level at the Al-Shirah mountains. June to September are the hottest months of the year where temperature rises to about 32C (89.6F). The period between December and March is the coolest. Snowfall often occurs and temperatures stay around 15C (59F) during the day.

Depending on the lunar cycles, Ramadan changes yearly. Please note that Ramadan is a month of fasting observed by Muslims throughout the world, during which time the followers of Islam should not eat or drink between sunrise and sunset. There may be some limitations to services and disruptions to schedules during Ramadan, but generally our tours still operate effectively during this period and food is available to non-muslims throughout the day.

Spending Money

Every traveller is different and therefore spending money requirements will vary. Some travellers may drink more than others while other travellers like to purchase more souvenirs than most. Please consider your own spending habits when it comes to allowing for drinks, shopping and tipping. Please also remember the following specific recommendations when planning your trip.

Money Exchange

The currency used in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound (EGP). The currency in Jordan is the Jordanian Dinar (JOD).

ATMs are found within main cities in Egypt and will generally accept cards on the Visa and Mastercard networks. It is a great idea to travel with both a Visa and Mastercard if at all possible as while there is no hard and fast rule, some banks seem to only work with one brand of card. Please note, your bank will change a fee for overseas withdrawals.

Cash is recommended for times when ATMs are not accessible. Euros, British Pounds and US Dollars are all easy to exchange to the Local currency. Please note that you should bring some cash with you for emergency situations but carrying only cash is a high safety risk. ATM card/s and some cash is the ideal mix.
ATMs are found widely in principal cities in Jordan and will generally accept cards on the Visa and Mastercard networks. A credit card is the safest way to carry money and most larger restaurants and stores accept them. While ATMs are widely available in major cities, there are no guarantees that your credit or debit cards will actually work in the Middle East. Check with your bank before travelling. You should be aware that to purchase products or services on a credit card a fee of 5%-10% usually applies. Do not rely on credit or debit cards as your only source of money. Cash advances can also be made with some banks. Cash is recommended for times when ATMs are not accessible, but carrying only cash is a high safety risk. A combination of cash and cards is best. Euros, British Pounds and US Dollars are all easy to exchange to local currency. Travellers cheques can be tricky to exchange and we do not recommend that you bring them as your primary source of funds, although in large cities you can exchange them in some 5-star hotels and banks but this takes time and incurs a fee. Thomas Cook or American Express travellers cheques in US currency are the easiest to exchange. Always take more rather than less, as you don't want to spoil the trip by constantly feeling short of funds.

The currency in Jordan is the Jordanian Dinar (JOD).

If you are bringing US Dollars, please make sure that the notes are new and in good condition. Notes older than 1996, or with any tears or blemishes may not be accepted. Be fussy with your bank when buying cash!

As currency exchange rates can fluctuate often we ask that you refer to the following website for daily exchange rates:

Emergency Fund

Please also make sure you have access to at least an additional USD $200 (or equivalent) as an 'emergency' fund, to be used when circumstances outside our control (ex. a natural disaster) require a change to our planned route. This is a rare occurrence!

Departure Tax

Departure tax is usually included in your air tickets in Egyot. In Jordan, 8 JOD departure tax for all nationalities upon to be paid in cash if departing overland.


Tipping ( Baksheesh )

Tipping (also widely refered to by its Arabic term as “baksheesh”) is a way of life in the Middle East. Locals themselves will usually tip anyone who provides them with services. In many cases, people depend on the tips they receive to supplement the incredibly low salary and wages of the Middle East region.

While on tour in the Middle East, it is customary and even expected to tip small service providers such as restaurant and bar waiters, hotel staff, reception, cleaning personnel, bell boys, taxis and van drivers. Tips are regarded as an essential means of supplementing income for those working in the tourism industry.

In order to make things as easy as possible, and avoid embarrassing situations, G Adventures has developed a tipping Kitty system where your CEO will collect a contribution from everybody on tour and use this kitty to tip anybody who has provided services to the group as a whole. The CEO will keep an accurate account of what was spent and any money left over, will be handed back to the group.
If at any time, you felt that any service provider failed in maintaining or delivering good service, please bring it immediately to the attention of your CEO, so a deduction of tips can take place.

A guideline for tipping is about $5-10 USD per day, depending on the quality of the service (this does not include your G Adventures CEO).
On Day 1 of your tour, your CEO will be able to advise on the amount required from everybody to form the tipping kitty for your trip.

This should be paid to the CEO in day 1 of the tour. You can pay in USD or the equivalent Egyptian pound (preferably Egyptian pounds). The CEO will be able to advise you on the exchange rate and the total required in either currency.

Also at the end of your trip if you felt that your G Adventures CEO did an outstanding job, tipping is also expected and appreciated. The precise amount is entirely a personal preference, however 20-25 USD per person per week can be used as a general guideline.

Optional Activities

Our trip designers work very hard to assemble the life-altering experiences that fill this adventure. That said, our travellers are a diverse group driven by all sorts of different tastes, motivations and interests. What’s a trip designer to do? The solution? Theme Packs! Specially designed for travellers with unique interests, theme packs are optional add-ons to your G adventures trip that make your adventure more you-centric. Theme Packs must be booked prior to departure.

Theme Packs available on this trip:

When travelling, perspective is everything. Get a god’s-eye view of ancient civilizations and rugged lanscapes with this unique balloon-based tour.

Valley of the Kings Balloon Ride
Luxor, 1-hour
Glide over the tombs and monuments of ancient Egypt aboard a hot air balloon. The wind dictates where you go and what you see, so no trip is ever the same.

Optional activity prices are subject to change and can fluctuate in relation to the high/low season and the number of people on a specific excursion. Not all excursions listed here may be available, due to season, or weather conditions. As generally not a lot of time is spent in start/end cities, you may want to arrange to arrive early, or stay longer after the trip in order to allow sufficient time to participate in optional activities there.

It is best to pay for all activities in local currency. We have listed USD here only to give you a better comparative idea of prices, relative to the local currency.


Saqqara & Memphis
Including guided tour by CEO, private air-conditioned transport, entrance fees and tipping
1 client: 600 EGP /86 USD
2 -4 clients: 430 EGP per person/61 USD
5-8 clients: 370 EGP per person/53 USD
9-15 clients: 350 EGP per person/50 USD

Islamic Cairo ( Sultan Hassan Mosque, Citadel & Khan El Khlaili Bazzars)
Including guided tour by CEO, private air-conditioned transport, entrance fees and tipping
1 client: 590 EGP /84 USD
2 -4 clients: 415 EGP per person/59 USD
5-8 clients: 360 EGP per person/51 USD
9-15 clients: 285 EGP per person/48 USD

Coptic Cairo ( Hanging Church, Abu Serga and Synagogue )
Including guided tour by CEO, private air-conditioned transport, entrance fees and tipping
1 client: 470 EGP /67 USD
2 -4 clients: 275 EGP per person/39 USD
5-8 clients: 220 EGP per person/31 USD
9-15 clients: 200 EGP per person/28 USD

Islamic Cairo & Coptic Cairo ( Sultan Hassan Mosque, Citadel , Khan El Khlaili Bazzars Hanging Church, Abu Serga and Synagogue)
Including guided tour by CEO, private air-conditioned transport, entrance fees and tipping
1 client: 770 EGP /110 USD
2 -4 clients: 470 EGP per person/67 USD
5-8 clients: 415 EGP per person/59 USD
9-15 clients: 370 EGP per person/53 USD

Dahshur and Maidum
Including guided tour by CEO, private air-conditioned transport, entrance fees and tipping
1 client: 770 EGP /110 USD
2 -4 clients: 470 EGP per person/67 USD
5-8 clients: 415 EGP per person/59 USD
9-15 clients: 370 EGP per person/53 USD

Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids
Including Representative , private air-conditioned transport, entrance fees and tipping
1 client: 450 EGP /64 USD
2 -4 clients: 280 EGP per person/40 USD
5-8 clients: 245 EGP per person/35 USD
9-15 clients: 225 EGP per person/32 USD

Dinner Cruise
Including Representative, private air-conditioned transport, cruise dinner, belly dancing and Whirling Dervish show
1 client: 525 EGP /75 USD
2 -4 clients: 415 EGP per person/59 USD
5-8 clients: 380 EGP per person/54 USD
9-15 clients: 365 EGP per person/52 USD

Camel Ride at the Pyramids
Including Camels and tipping
120 EGP per person/17 USD


Philae temple
Including guided tour by CEO , private air-conditioned transport, entrance fees and tipping
1 client: 400 EGP /57 USD
2 -4 clients: 280 EGP per person/40 USD
5-8 clients: 255 EGP per person/36 USD
9-15 clients: 235 EGP per person/33 USD

Philae temple Sound and Light Show
Including guided tour by CEO , private air-conditioned transport, entrance fees and tipping
1 client: 420 EGP /60 USD
2 -4 clients: 310 EGP per person/44 USD
5-8 clients: 280 EGP per person/40 USD
9-15 clients: 260 EGP per person/37 USD

Aswan day tour ( Philae temple, Unfinished Obelisk, High Dam)
Including guided tour by CEO , private air-conditioned transport, entrance fees and tipping
1 client: 525 EGP /75 USD
2 -4 clients: 350 EGP per person/50 USD
5-8 clients: 315 EGP per person/45 USD
9-15 clients: 295 EGP per person/42 USD

Camel Ride at the West Bank
Including Camels and tipping
120 EGP per person/17 USD


Karnak Temple
Including guided tour by CEO , private air-conditioned transport, entrance fees and tipping
1 client: 380 EGP /54 USD
2 -4 clients: 245 EGP per person/35 USD
5-8 clients: 225 EGP per person/32 USD
9-15 clients: 210 EGP per person/30 USD

East bank tour ( Karnak temple & Luxor temple)
Including guided tour by CEO ,private air-conditioned transport, entrance fees and tipping
1 client: 435 EGP /62 USD
2 -4 clients: 300 EGP per person/43 USD
5-8 clients: 280 EGP per person/40 USD
9-15 clients: 265 EGP per person/38 USD

Abydos and Dendera
Including guided tour by CEO ,private air-conditioned transport, entrance fees and tipping
1 client: 805 EGP /115 USD
2 -4 clients: 505 EGP per person/72 USD
5-8 clients: 450 EGP per person/64 USD
9-15 clients: 405 EGP per person/58 USD

Hot Air Balloon
Including private air conditioned transport, balloon flight , tipping
875 EGP per person/125 USD

Camel Ride at the West Bank
Including Camels and tipping
120 EGP per person/17 USD

Prices are quoted in Jordanian Dinar (JOD) & U.S. Dollar (USD).

Gladiator Show - 12JOD/17USD

Dead Sea:
Buffet lunch at the Dead sea - 25JOD/35USD
Mud bath - 3JOD/5USD (may be free of charge at your hotel)
Therapeutic mud bath = 60JOD/85 USD
Jesus's Baptism Site - 18JOD/25USD(including entrance fee, transportation and local guide)

Petra By Night Every Monday / Wednesday & Thursday - 15JOD/22USD
Turkish Bath - 20JOD/28USD per person

Wadi Rum:
Camel ride (approx. 1 hour) - 14JOD/20USD
Balloon Trip - 130JOD/185USD per person

Jerusalem Extension :

Day 1: Meet and assist at Allenby Bridge by our representative then transfer to Jericho, visit Sycamore Tree, view Mt. Temptation, then continue to Jerusalem, Mt. of Olives, panoramic view of the Old City of Jerusalem, visit Patter Noster Church, Ascension, walk the Palm Sunday Road, Gethsemane Garden then to the hotel for overnight
Day 2: after breakfast, check out from the hotel, enter to the old city of Jerusalem, walk the 14th Station of Via Dolorosa ending at the Holy Sepulcher Church, then transfer to Bethlehem, visit the Nativity Church, Shepherds Filed, then back to Allenby Bridge.

1 person : $750
2 people : $380 per person
3 people : $295 per person
4 people : $270 per person
5 people : $245 per person
6 people : $225 per person
Single supplement : $35

Price includes:
*All transfers by private air conditioned transport
*Hotel accommodation in Jerusalem in standard hotel on BB
* Transfers from Amman to border and border to Amman

Price does not include:
*Guide in Jerusalem , extra cost ($170 per day)
*Border taxes ($52 per person)


Please note inoculations may be required for the country visited. It is your responsibility to consult with your travel doctor for up to date medical travel information well before departure.

DRINKING WATER: It is advisable to drink bottled water in Egypt and Jordan.

There are no specific health requirements for this trip. However, we recommend protection against typhoid, tetanus, infectious hepatitis and polio. Though malaria does exist in Egypt, it is not normally found in the areas where we travel. You should consult your doctor for up-to-date medical travel information before departure. We recommend that you carry a First Aid kit and hand sanitizers / antibacterial wipes, as well as any personal medical requirements. Please be aware that we are in remote areas and away from medical facilities for some time during this trip, and for legal reasons our leaders are prohibited from administering any type of drug including headache tablets, antibiotics, etc.

Safety and Security

Many national governments provide a regularly updated advice service on safety issues involved with international travel. We recommend that you check your government's advice for their latest travel information before departure. We strongly recommend the use of a neck wallet or money belt while travelling, for the safe keeping of your passport, air tickets, travellers' cheques, cash and other valuable items. Leave your valuable jewellery at home - you won't need it while travelling. Many of the hotels we use have safety deposit boxes, which is the most secure way of storing your valuables. A lock is recommended for securing your luggage. When travelling on a group trip, please note that your CEO has the authority to amend or cancel any part of the trip itinerary if it is deemed necessary due to safety concerns. Your CEO will accompany you on all included activities. During your trip you will have some free time to pursue your own interests, relax and take it easy or explore at your leisure. While your CEO will assist you with options available in a given location please note that any optional activities you undertake are not part of your itinerary, and we offer no representations about the safety of the activity or the standard of the operators running them. Please use your own good judgment when selecting an activity in your free time. Although the cities visited on tour are generally safe during the day, there can be risks to wandering throughout any major city at night. It is our recommendation to stay in small groups and to take taxis to and from restaurants, or during night time excursions.

Protests and Demonstrations- Protests and demonstrations, even those that are well intended, have the potential to turn violent with no warning. Counter protests can also turn violent. Action by security forces to disperse demonstrators and protesters may occur at any time. If you are in an area where demonstrators or protesters are gathering, avoid the temptation of staying for a good photo opportunity and leave the area immediately.

Water based activities have an element of danger and excitement built into them. We recommend only participating in water based activities when accompanied by a guide(s). We make every reasonable effort to ensure the fun and adventurous element of any water based activities (in countries with varying degrees of operating standards) have a balanced approach to safety. It is our policy not to allow our CEOs to make arrangements on your behalf for water based activities that are not accompanied by guide(s).

Swimming, including snorkeling, is always at your own risk.

We take all prudent measures in relation to your safety. For ways to further enhance your personal safety while traveling, please visit:

Trip Specific Safety

Like anywhere in the world, major cities have areas safer than others, use common sense, be aware of your surroundings and mind your personal belongings.

Medical Form

Our small group adventures bring together people of all ages. It is very important you are aware that, as a minimum, an average level of fitness and mobility' is required to undertake our easiest programs. Travellers must be able to walk without the aid of another person, climb 3-4 flights of stairs, step on and off small boats, and carry their own luggage at a minimum. Travellers with a pre-existing medical condition are required to complete a short medical questionnaire, which must be signed by their physician. This is to ensure that travellers have the necessary fitness and mobility to comfortably complete their chosen trip. While our CEOs work hard to ensure that all our travellers are catered for equally, it is not their responsibility to help individuals who cannot complete the day's activities unaided. Please refer to the physical ratings in this Trip Details document for more information.

The medical questionnaire can be found online at:

A Couple of Rules

Illegal drugs will not be tolerated on any trips. Possessing or using drugs not only contravenes the laws of the land but also puts the rest of the group at risk. Smoking marijuana and opium is a part of local culture in some parts of the world but is not acceptable for our travellers. Our philosophy of travel is one of respect towards everyone we encounter, and in particular the local people who make the world the special place it is. The exploitation of prostitutes is completely contrary to this philosophy. Our CEOs have the right to expel any member of the group if drugs are found in their possession or if they use prostitutes.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance: Travel insurance is compulsory in order to participate on any of our trips. When travelling on a group trip, you will not be permitted to join the group until evidence of travel insurance has been sighted by your CEO, who will take note of your insurance details. When selecting a travel insurance policy please bear in mind that all clients must have medical coverage and that we require a minimum coverage of USD 200,000 for repatriation and emergency rescue. We strongly recommend that the policy also covers personal liability, cancellation, curtailment and loss of luggage and personal effects. If you have credit card insurance we require proof of purchase of the trip (a receipt of credit card statement) with a credit card in your name. Contact your bank for details of their participating insurer, the level of coverage and emergency contact telephone number.

Planeterra-The G Adventures Foundation

Through our commitment to responsible tourism we have developed the Planeterra Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of people and communities around the world through support of international charities, local organizations and community projects in the places that we visit on our tours. G Adventures matches all individual donations and pays all administration costs, which means that 100% of each donation is doubled and goes directly to support our projects. For more information about Planeterra and the projects we support, or to make a donation, please visit

Planeterra Dollar-A-Day Program
Our Dollar-A-Day Program provides travellers with the opportunity to help us give back to the people and places visited on our tours by donating one dollar per day for the duration of their tour. 100% of these proceeds will go directly to support our Planeterra projects.

To participate in this program please indicate at the time of booking that you would like to participate in G Adventures’ Dollar-A-Day program, either by clicking the check box online, or by advising your G Adventures specialist or travel agent. (Note: Donation will be charged in the currency of your booking)

Associated Planeterra Project

Planeterra Foundation established the Planeterra Foundation Community Library and youth program in the village of El Tod, just outside of Luxor, Egypt. While El Tod is very close to the hustle and bustle of Luxor’s busy tourism trade, its residents were not benefitting from tourism. This project provides early childhood education at a very low cost for local people, as well as adult literacy classes. The Planeterra Foundation Community Library is open for G Adventures passengers to visit during their trips. If you are visiting and would like to bring a donation, this project is always accepting books in both English and Arabic for their library.

Local Dress

While visiting mosques and other religious monuments you should dress modestly, cover your shoulders and you shouldn't wear short shorts or skirts. Outside of capital cities and the more touristic centres, local dress is often more conservative and as a matter of respect we ask that both men and women are aware of this and recommend loose-fitting clothes with your shoulders covered. Ask your CEO for more specific advice.


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