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Natural Wonders of the Pacific Northwest


Route map for Natural Wonders of the Pacific Northwest (NUFW)

Day 1 San Francisco

Arrive to our joining hotel at any time. Welcome meeting in the evening.

Day 2 Mendocino (1D)

In the morning start the tour with one of the most wonderful and inspiring cities with an orientation tour of San Francisco, including most iconic attractions such as bustling Fisherman's Wharf or the stately Golden Gate Bridge, a marvel of engineering and deco design! Experience one of California's most beautiful scenic drives up the coast to Mendocino, where mountains pull back from the ocean, making spectacular views visible along Hwy 1. In the evening view a breathtaking sunset, walk on the beach and enjoy Americas famous s'mores around the campfire.

Approximate Distance: 290 km
Estimated Travel Time: 8 hrs (including stops)

Day 3 Redwood SP (1B,1L,1D)

Walk among towering Giant Redwoods as our journey takes us to one of the most spectacular views of the tallest trees in the world, the Avenue of the Giant. Wrapped in mist and silence, the Redwood State Park remains a mysterious world for you to explore.

Approximate Distance: 270 km
Estimated Travel Time: 7 hrs (including stops in Redwood State Park)

Day 4 Oregon Dunes (1B,1L,1D)

Let the ocean breeze touch your face as you discover breathtaking panoramic views of the Oregon Coast. Step back in time we travel this fascinating area of Oregon's famous historic fishing villages and lumber towns. Rising from the shores of the Pacific Ocean, the unique and massive Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area offers an amazing scenery for you to discover on foot. An optional dune buggy ride is a great opportunity to explore the area.

Approximate Distance: 270 km
Estimated Travel Time: 5 hrs (including stops on Oregon coast)

Day 5 Silver Falls SP (1B,1L,1D)

Today is all about the magnificent and largest state park in Oregon, Silver Falls State Park! This temperate rain forest wraps you with the feeling of another world. Hike the Ten Falls trail that takes you through amazing forest, it's ground covered with ferns, mosses and wildflowers. Walk past six waterfalls and discover secret trails behind four. Truly, this park is an Oregon treasure!

Approximate Distance: 320 km
Estimated Travel Time: 5 hrs (including stops)

Day 6 Mt Rainier NP (1B,1L,1D)

Passing through the hip city of Portland, also known as the "City Of Roses", our way takes us to Mount St. Helens. The eruption of 1980 disrupted the lives of thousands and changed hundreds of miles of rich forest into a gray, lifeless landscape. Yet the scars are healing and Mount St. Helens is one the most visited, yet active Volcanoes in North America!

Approximate Distance: 380 km
Estimated Travel Time: 8 hrs (including stops)

Day 7 Mt Rainer (1B,1D)

Today we have the full day to explore Mount Rainier, the highest volcano in the Cascade Range! With over 300 miles of trails through out the park, you will discover a world that, even if the weather might be foggy or misty, is quiet and beautiful. In the evening enjoy a BBQ around the campfire and recapture the experiences from this memorable day!

Estimated travel time in park: 2 hrs

Day 8 Seattle (1B)

We continue on to Seattle, a magnificent city with a modern skyline of glass skyscrapers. Enjoy an orientation tour, including famous Pike Place Market, the waterfront park, Pioneer Square or take an optional ride up the Space Needle with incredible views over the city.

For our night in Seattle, we give up camping for an urban experience in a hotel.

Approximate Distance: 190 km
Estimated Travel Time: 3 hrs (including stops)

Day 9 Seattle/Coeur D'Alene (1L,1D)

Morning free. Then Idaho welcomes us with beautiful lakes, mountains, rivers, and fertile valleys that glaciers of the last great ice age left behind. In the evening light up a campfire and experience the first night out under the open sky!

Approximate Distance: 500 km
Estimated Travel Time: 7 hrs (including stops)

Day 10 Glacier NP (1B,1L,1D)

Explore rugged mountains, picturesque river valleys, high desert plains and distinctive small towns and historic districts as we enter the state of Montana. While driving, learn about the American bison that has one of the most dramatic stories regarding human impact on the environment. In the seventeenth century, an estimated 60 million bison roamed the plains of North America yet with the arrival of settlers, the bison were pushed out of their native land and ruthlessly hunted until, by 1890, less than 1,000 animals survived. Chill out and enjoy a picnic lunch at the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi, Flathead Lake before we enter Glacier National Park and the day with a sunset over the mountains.

Approximate Distance: 450 km
Estimated Travel Time: 8 hrs (including stops)

Day 11 Glacier NP (1B,1L,1D)

With over 50 glaciers in the park and over 200 lakes or streams, Glacier National Park is a must see! Chose from over 730 miles of hiking trails to really enjoy this wonderful park.From July to August, take a shuttle across the Going to the Sun Road, a spectacular 50-mile highway that clings to the edge of the world as cars and bikes cross over the Continental Divide at Logan Pass. At the end of the day as you pass through the gates and leave Glacier National Park, you may also be a changed person.

Day 12 Glacier NP/Helena (1B,1L,1D)

Today we visit "The Gates of the Mountains", one of the most widely recognized landmarks of the Lewis and Clark expedition located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains! Great towering walls of limestone still stand guard over the river as we board a comfortable open air boat to discover what nature as to offer. Keep your eyes open for Bighorn sheep and Mountain Goats, Ospreys, Golden or Bald Eagles, vultures and falcons.

Approximate Distance: 345 km
Estimated Travel Time: 7 hrs (including stops)

Day 13 Yellowstone NP (1B,1L,1D)

Discover the wonders of Yellowstone, the world's first National Park! Yellowstone is beyond special. Geysers, waterfalls, wildlife and scenic beauty are around every corner for you to explore. In fact, Yellowstone National Park is a super volcano with the world’s largest active geyser field, boasting more than 10,000 geysers. The Park is also home to more wild animals than almost anywhere else in the U.S., including roaming bison, gray wolves, elk, black bears and of course the famous grizzly bear! Get a glimpse of these fantastic animals as you don't leave a stone unturned in spectacular Yellowstone!

Approximate Distance: 350 km
Estimated Travel Time: 7 hrs (including stops)

Day 14 Yellowstone NP (1B,1L,1D)

Today explore the Northern Loop in Yellowstone National Park which features beautiful scenery, exciting wildlife and spectacular hydrothermal features. Discover Mammoth Hot Springs, Norris Geyser Basin and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone!

Estimated travel time in park: 4 hrs

Day 15 Yellowstone NP (1B,1L,1D)

More highlights await you as the South Loop goes through some of the most famous landmarks of Yellowstone, including Old Faithful, Lake Village and Grant Village.

Estimated travel time in park: 4 hrs

Day 16 Yellowstone NP/Jackson (1B,1L)

Drive to Grand Teton National Park and view more than twelve peaks at elevation greater than 12.000 feet! Stop at beautiful Jenny Lake and take an optional boat ride across the lake to discover Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. Grand Teton National Park highlights are numerous and each offers a better understanding of this natural phenomenon. In the afternoon we reach Jackson. Jackson’s Town Square offers unique and upscale modern and western shopping opportunities and marvel at the Square’s elk antler arches. Wildlife watching is easy here; elk, deer, and many other small mammals can be found throughout the valley. In the evening step back in time and enjoy a night out with a true Wild Western atmosphere at the One Million Dollar Bar, known world wide for its western dancing and live entertainment!

Approximate Distance: 230 km
Estimated Travel Time: 6 hrs (including stops)

Day 17 Jackson/Salt Lake City (1B,1L)

Optional guided wildlife and whitewater rafting trip down the snake river in Jackson. Leave Yellowstone National Park behind as we continue to Salt Lake City. Orientation tour of Salt Lake City including a visit to Temple Square for views of the world's largest Mormon Temple.

Approximate Distance: 440 km
Estimated Travel Time: 8 hrs (including stops)

Day 18 Tonopah (1B)

One of the best ways to to experience Nevada is to travel on the "Loneliest Road in America", a fascinating scenic and historic area through a land seemingly untouched by man. In the evening experience Tonopah's night sky which is considered among the best in the country for stargazing.

After the long drive to Tonopah, we give up camping today in favour of a night in a hotel.

Approximate Distance: 650 km
Estimated Travel Time: 9 hrs (including stops)

Day 19 Yosemite NP (1L,1D)

Marvel at the spectacular views of Yosemite National Park's magnificent peaks and granite domes as you enjoy one of most scenic drives in California: Tioga Pass! Take short hikes to majestic waterfalls, clear lakes, beautiful meadows and walk amongst giant sequoias. With a keen eye, you may be lucky enough to spot black bears, deer or coyotes.

Approximate Distance: 385 km
Estimated Travel Time: 8 hrs (including stops)

Day 20 Yosemite NP (1B,1L,1D)

Full day to explore Yosemite National Park. Hike the many trails Yosemite has to offer and be inspired by this beautiful and amazing landscape. Option to rent bikes in Yosemite Valley.

Estimated travel time in park: 2 hrs

Day 21 San Francisco (1B,1L)

Go back in time and take an optional cable car ride over the steep hills or rent bikes and explore the city on wheels. In the evening optional sunset sailing.

For our final night in San Francisco, we stay close to the action in a hotel in the city center.

Approximate Distance: 230 km
Estimated Travel Time: 6 hrs (including stops)

Day 22 San Francisco

Depart at any time.