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Visual Adventure: Croatia

In 2012, I visited Croatia, sailing up and down the Dalmatian coast. Croatia has become one of the new “it” spots for travel, and even visiting the country during the peak of summer did not diminish how beautiful and spectacular it was. The beautiful islands off the coast, the clear cooling water, the historic cities, and the great nightlife [&hellip

by Matt Kepnes

Visual Adventure: Namibia's Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park in Namibia was a place I had heard much of. The first game reserve on my G Adventures trip, I was excited to finally gaze upon herds of elephants, zebras, giraffes, lions, and find my favorite animal, the elusive honey badger

by Matt Kepnes

Best Foods to Eat in Japan

In April, I realized my long-held dream of visiting Japan. I love Japanese culture – the food, the history, the temples, the respect people have for each other. Months after my visit, I still dream of the country.  I think about it every day. And one thing I am especially still dreaming about is the [&hellip

by Matt Kepnes

The Beautiful Temples and Gardens of Kyoto

I’ve dreamed of Kyoto and its thousands of temples for as long as I’ve dreamed of Japan. I love Japanese architecture and zen gardens. One day, when I own a home, my backyard will be designed as a Japanese zen garden, complete with pond, koi fish, rock garden, and little waterfall. On my recent visit [&hellip

by Matt Kepnes

How G Adventures Changed My Life

I never traveled a lot as a kid. While my family did the customary road trips to see my grandparents and a few trips to Disney in Orlando, we never went overseas. There were no trips to Europe, Mexico, or even Canada.  We weren’t a traveling family, which I always considered weird since my dad [&hellip

by Matt Kepnes