48 Hours in... Montreal

Travel Blogger Cailin O'Neil explains how Montreal is one of those cities that will show you its best, even if you only have 48 hours.

by Cailin O Neil

48 Hours in… Quito

Got 48 hours in Quito? Take it outside with writer and photographer Greg Snell as he shares his favourite ways to maximize your time in the world's second highest capital city.

by Greg Snell

48 Hours in... Kyoto

Got 48 hours to spend in Kyoto? Join travel writer Jenna Francisco as she highlights some of the most unique experiences Japan's historical heart has on offer.

by Jenna Francisco

48 hours in... Bachelor Party in Cusco

If you've ever been invited to a bachelor party you have an idea of what you're in for. But what if that bachelor party were in Cusco, Peru? Travel blogger Greg Snell shares his late-night and early-morning experiences. Grab an Alka Seltzer and settle in.

by Greg Snell

48 Hours in... Marrakech

Let Wanderer-in-Residence Nellie Huang show you all there is to do with your 48 hours in Marrakech.

by Nellie Huang

48 Hours in... Luxor

G Adventures' Lisa Warner waxes on Luxor as the standout highlight in Egypt. Find out why while the pyramids are a must-see for anyone visiting Egypt, she's more than happy to trade the hustle and bustle of Cairo for the world’s “greatest open-air museum.”

by Lisa Warner

48 Hours in... Yangshuo

China's got centuries of history, iconic landmarks, and cosmopolitan cities. But what of the countryside? Take 48 hours to explore Yangshuo – you won't regret it!

by Stephan Popescu

48 Hours in... Auckland

G Adventures' very own Casey Mead—a proud Kiwi—shares her favourite spots in and around Auckland.

by Casey Mead

48 Hours in... Banff

Nestled inside of Banff National Park and alongside the majestic Rockies, Banff has a little something for everyone.

by Stephan Popescu

48 Hours in… Beijing

With its slew of ancient palaces, temples and hutongs (old neighborhoods), Beijing is a city that is so emblematic of China that you can’t come to this part of the world and not spend time here.

by Nellie Huang

48 Hours in… London

Ironically, London suits sunny days, those days that defy stereotypes but consider yourself blessed if you live a day in her Majesty’s yard with out rain. And, if you only have two days in the city, here are a few suggestions for things to see and do!

by Amylee Silva

48 Hours in…Budapest

G Adventures' own Kathy Meresz shares her favourite spots around Budpest.

by Kathy Meresz

48 Hours in…Vienna

Vienna has been at a crossroads for some time, lingering somewhere between the imperial grandeur of the Habsburg-era and a modern European city finding its way in the new millennium. In the last several years there is a new energy flowing through Vienna.

by Randy and Bethany

48 Hours in…Bangkok

As one of the most vibrant capitals in Southeast Asia, Bangkok has an energy level and personality that few other cities can rival.

by Nellie Huang

48 Hours in...Reykjavik

Brimming with fashionista charm, Reykjavik is dotted with boutiques, cafés and colorful two-tone houses.

by Randy and Bethany

48 Hours in...Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, Croatia is a city in Eastern Europe whose popularity has been increasing greatly in the past few years.

by Cailin O Neil

48 Hours in...Mexico City

Mexico City, is in a word, immense. At an elevation of 2,240 meters, covering over 1,400 square kilometers, and boasting a population of 21 million, the numbers alone are enough to intimidate new arrivals.

by David Lee

48 Hours in...Tokyo

Tokyo. Japan’s capital city. 13 million people. Business, fashion, shopping, and all things futuristic. It’s the home of anime, neon lights, cosplay, and outrageous piles of raw fish.

by Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott

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