G Adventures Mayor: Changing of the Guard

G Adventures December 11, 2013 2

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For the past four years, Todd Rogerson has been the Mayor of G Adventures. You’ve probably seen him at a G Adventures booth at a conference, speaking at Future of Tourism events around the world, or online in one of our many company culture videos. Todd has been the face of G Adventures and the voice of its employees, and has made pursuing passion and connecting cultures a top priority in his tenure as Mayor. But all good things must come to an end, and Todd has made the decision to move to Australia to start a new chapter with G Adventures.

December 11th marks a change of leadership at G Adventures. The time has come to pass the sash, because there is a new Mayor in town.

Mayor Dave Holmes was officially sworn in as Mayor of G Adventures in a lavish ceremony on the fourth floor of Base Camp, the company’s global headquarters in Toronto. As the new representative of G Nation – a collection of over 1,500 like-minded people in 100 countries around the world who just happen to work for the world’s greatest adventure travel company – Mayor Dave accepted the Chain of Office from outgoing Mayor Todd Rogerson before addressing the crowd with a rousing speech focused on his mission to spread passion, purpose, and happiness around the world. With his right hand placed on an autographed copy of “The Word by G Adventures,” Holmes pledged to faithfully execute the office of Mayor, to uphold G Adventures’ Core Values, and spread happiness anywhere and everywhere his travel take him.

Here are some facts about our new Mayor:

+ Mayor Dave works in Black Ops, a secret-projects department at G Adventures.
+ Mayor Dave fell in love with G Adventures after a life-changing trip to Peru in 2006.
+ In the past year, Mayor Dave has won a dodgeball tournament, a best chocolate-chip cookie contest, and an epic chilli cook-off at G Adventures Base Camp in Toronto.
+ Highly motivated by social change, Mayor Dave is a champion for Planeterra, G Adventures’ non-profit foundation.
+ Mayor Dave once was bitten by a rattlesnake. After three days of agony and pain, the rattlesnake died.
+ Mayor Dave appeared in all six Star Wars movies… as “the Force.”
+ Mayor Dave may give the best high-fives in the world.

You can see Dave in action on GNN, G Adventures bi-weekly newscast here.

Want to chat with Mayor Dave? Send him an email at mayor@gadventures.com, tweet him, and follow his photostream on Instagram at instagram.com/gadv_mayor.

THIS JUST IN: Mayor Holmes addresses allegations of runaway Star Wars-themed costume spending at G Adventures.


  1. David Gunderson December 13, 2013 at 12:46 pm - Reply

    My wife and I met ” black ops” Dave at Base Camp a couple of weeks ago. His welcoming enthusiasm was obvious. We had a great visit with him and Adrienne, who provided us cups of tea and coffee on a blustery Toronto day. The future of G is in good hands.

  2. Laura Isbister December 13, 2013 at 5:54 pm - Reply

    Congratulations Dave! I know that you’ll work dilegently for the company and for your travel partners (hopefully including me, if I win!). Todd is the best. I travelled to Antarctica in January 2013 and Todd and his new wife were so helpful getting me to the airport and helping me traverse the local hurdles and get to my ship on time! Without their help, I’d have possibly missed my connection. So again, congratulations Dave. I hope to be meeting you or travelling with you soon!

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