G Project: This is Your Planet—Keep it Beautiful

Caitlin Hotchkiss May 2, 2013 0

Thanks to changemakers like you, the G Project is on track for over 3,000 voters registered, with thousands of votes cast this week. More than 200 innovative ideas have been submitted so far from over 70 countries, with more coming in every day. This is why we created the G Project, and we’re thrilled that you’re helping to support ideas that will help to reshape our world for the better.

Beauty isn’t immaculate. It has flaws. Cracks. Imperfections. It surrounds us. Everywhere. And when we need it, we can always make more.

Beauty surrounds us

This week, we wanted to focus on the Beauty category. At the G Project, we’re of the opinion that the beauty of the planet is something that adds a certain sparkle to the everyday. Think about it: lush green rainforests, shining blue oceans, multi-hued coral reefs. What would it be like if these things disappeared?

We firmly believe that these beautiful environmental creations must be preserved for future generations – and contributors to the G Project think so, too. Here are a few examples of G Project Beauty submissions:

10 Pieces for a Cleaner World by Lisa Vitaris

10 Pieces for A cleaner World by Lisa Vitaris


This initiative is simple but effective – it encourages travellers to pick up ten pieces of litter while on their trips. Developing countries especially have a problem with garbage cluttering the communities, and this idea works on the principle that if every traveller helps to clean up just a little bit, there will be a huge collective impact. Check out Lisa’s idea.

Operation WOW: Watching Our Wildlife by Malcolm Fisher

Operation WOW: Watching Our Wildlife by Malcolm Fisher.

Australia’s wildlife is facing a double whammy: they’re rapidly losing their natural habitat, and they’re not properly appreciated or understood due to their nocturnal natures (the ringtail possum in particular). With this idea, not only would nesting boxes be set up, but they would be equipped with small cameras so people can observe the wildlife and their native habits. Check out Malcolm’s idea.

Restoring Coral Reefs Using Blue Renewable Sustainable Energy by Delphine Robbe

Restoring Coral Reefs Using Blue Renewable Sustainable Energy by Delphine Robbe.

In Indonesia, Biorock technology has been helping to restore and protect coral reefs. This idea looks to build upon this by creating a prototype tidal turbine to harness the power of the coral reef, thus creating a new source of energy from a particularly beautiful piece of the environment. Check out Delphine’s idea.

Get out and vote!

So there you have it – beauty is all around us, and not only is it important to appreciate it, but it’s necessary for us to protect it and build upon it as well. Head on over to the G Project to see more entries in the Beauty category, cast your vote (you can vote once per day on as many ideas as you like), submit an idea of your own (submissions close June 3, 2013) and help change a lot of lives—and the world—for the better.

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