Visual Adventure: Himalayas

Caitlin Hotchkiss July 25, 2013 0

It should go without saying that the Himalayas have their own special brand of rustic cool. The mountain range may be most famous for the highest of its peaks, Mount Everest, but the entire range itself crosses five different countries and has inspired much of South Asia’s culture and ideology.  So while they may not be a breeze to traverse, the Himalayas are known to bring moments of zen to those seeking spiritual enlightenment.

Ponder this while you take a look at some photos of the Himalayas below – and hey, why not plan a visit? Whether by high road or overland adventure, Tibet’s just waiting for you.

Blue sky, green grass: farmland in Gyantse with Himalayan Range in background. Photo courtesy of Nicole Tan

Yamdrok Tso Lake, considered to be holy. The sheep are nonplussed. Photo courtesy of Nicole Tan

The Himalayan Range seen from the Tibetan side. Sure, it doesn’t look that high. Photo courtesy of Nicole Tan.

Wild deer near the road about 2km from Everest Base Camp in Tibet (North Base Camp; the South Base Camp is in Nepal). Photo courtesy of Nicole Tan

Rongbuk Monastery in Tibet, with Everest in background. Rongbuk is the highest monastery in the world at 4,980 metres above sea level. Photo courtesy of Nicole Tan


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