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Wanders and Food in Kanazawa, Japan

While most travellers to Japan flock to Tokyo and Osaka, Wanderer-in-Residence Jodi Ettenberg takes a turn around the captivating market (and tastes the delicious food) in the dark horse city of Kanazawa.

by Jodi Ettenberg

Instagramming Japan: Foods for a Celiac

Wanderer-in-Residence Jodi Ettenberg recounts her favourite snacks and eats in her travels through Japan. Discover how a celiac scarfs down with her top Instagram pics on the Looptail. #jodieatsjapan

by Jodi Ettenberg

Visual Adventure: Laos

Travellers often come back from Laos a little wistful. "It's like Thailand 15 years ago," they say. "I wish it could stay the same."

by Jodi Ettenberg

Foods from Morocco

When people think about travel to Morocco, they often evoke images of colour and symmetry: the geometric architecture of the country’s many mosques, the metal studded doorways of winding medinas, the lines of leather slippers in busy markets. But the cuisine of the country is customarily overlooked, or simply left at the most accessible and [&hellip

by Jodi Ettenberg