This is your planet. And right now, it needs your help.

Steve English November 13, 2013 0


As you have no doubt seen and heard on the news these past few days, the Philippines is in crisis. On November 7, Typhoon Haiyan – believed to be the strongest tropical storm to ever make landfall – struck the Philippines, one of the world’s most densely populated countries. The results have been devastating and horrifying, leaving thousands dead and thousands more homeless.

Recovery starts today.

Right now, dozens of relief agencies from all over the world are working to provide the food, shelter, and medicine to those affected by Haiyan. But once the immediate needs are addressed, there will still be much left to do. It will take months, even years to rebuild the Philippines. G Adventures and Planeterra are partnering with Architecture for Humanity to rebuild clinics and schools, and put a shattered country back together.

Why are we partnering with Architecture for Humanity?

Architecture for Humanity provides sustainable aid that isn’t wasted or temporary, and that is completely in line with Planeterra’s approach of engaging local organizations and providing supportive solutions to local problems. Architecture for Humanity has a history of response to crises that focus on identifying critical need for reconstruction in disaster zones— in order to rebuild in effective ways.

Where will my donation go?

By making a donation today, you’ll be supporting a grassroots network of architects and building professionals who will lend their talents and expertise in parts of the Philippines where their services are most needed and can least be afforded. Architecture for Humanity approaches crisis response in phases. They first assess needs within affected communities and then create a roadmap to provide effective solutions once they’ve assessed the challenges. We’ll have a more concrete idea of the project(s) our funds will support once the first phase of assessment is complete. Keep an eye on for details as they unfold.

Help us raise $25,000 for the Philippines.

Visit Planeterra’s Philippines Typhoon Recovery & Rebuild page today to donate. No amount is too small. It takes thousands of nails to rebuild a home, but each one is essential to keep the structure standing. We’re counting on you to be one of those nails.

Tell everyone.

Even if you can’t help, someone you know can. Spread the word and tell your friends, your family, your co-workers, and your social networks. (And don’t forget to tag your posts with the #ReliefPH and #GAdvCares hashtags.) The more we raise, the more we can help.

Together, we have the power to change the world. Please join us.


Visit the Philippines Typhoon Recovery & Rebuild donation page at

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